Gurukul follows CBSE curriculum in a very refined way, which makes the learning an enjoyable and unique experience. We call this “GPEP (Gurukul Progressive Education Program)” that believes in unveiling and unfolding the young learner's true potential through practical education, outdoor fun activities and topic related visits.

A child centered activity based curriculum is the highlight of the school and the curriculum is very meticulously planned keeping in mind the age-group of the children and their heterogeneous mental levels. Contemporary teaching methodologies and infrastructure further facilitate faster and better learning. The curriculum is also scientifically designed to coincide with the key personality areas. The aim at the end of the day is a smile and undoubted pride on every Gurukulite.

I hear I forget, 
I see I remember
, I do I learn

To augment classroom studies GURUKUL provides a plethora of activities which transcend not only classroom but also school boundaries. Various educational tours are organized to provide the learners an interface with the world outside. Unique experiences acquired during the field trips enhance the classroom learning along with refreshing the minds. The Real World Learning Campaigns build awareness and sense of responsibility for the natural environment. The visit is divided into three phases: Pre-Visit- Gurukulites are shown a presentation on the places of visit and are motivated to explore more, On-Visit: Gurukulites explore and learn and also jot down their learning, Post-Visit: Assignments and Worksheets are given to strengthen the learning


The GPEP program is based on the following core beliefs: 

• Respect for individuals and their diversity is essential for society to flourish.

• Every individual has intrinsic value.

• Individuals are responsible for their choices and actions, to themselves, to 
  society, and to the environment.

• Primary School years provide an a unique opportunity for students to take risks, 
  to make mistakes, and to grow as learners.

• A balanced life contributes to personal well-being and happiness.

• The individual and the community are interdependent and both can benefit 
  through the active contributions of their members.

• Learning is a lifelong activity essential for maximizing human potential.

Gurukul The School Core Values (respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion and fairness) are a way of life and not simply a subject taught


Based on these core beliefs, we have created and implemented a successful academic program that meets the individual needs of our students. The academic program includes studies in the core curricular areas: Reading, Writing, Math, Hindi and English, Science, and Social Science, as well as in specialist areas: Art, Music, PE and Technology. In addition to these academic classes, students have access to support through our Reinforcement and Remedial Classes Program. Our core curriculum along with our support services exemplifies our commitment to Gurukul Vital Few: Academic Rigor, Professional Excellence and Extraordinary Care for each and every child. We strive to make the most of your child’s educational experience in the School and our main goal is for our students to grow as lifelong learners.