For first-grade and second-grade children, the program builds on the skills already developed and children continue to learn in a nurturing and hands-on learning environment, that introduces progressively more structured teaching of the basic subjects. There is a strong commitment to the child, with the programme fostering each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural and artistic growth within a rich and stimulating environment.  

We help children to:

  • develop a positive view of themselves, their classmates and the educational experience
  • develop their natural curiosity and creative expression through art, music and dramatics
  • broaden their perspective through educational field trips
  • learn to make responsible decisions and develop good character                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Primary School is a comfortable place for children to learn through exploration, while instruction becomes increasingly more structured as each child develops and matures. One of our major goals for students is to to find joy in learning while developing specific skills, applying concepts and exploring ideas.

The GPEP program emphasizes the development of language, writing and arithmetic skills, while integrating science and social studies(EVS).

In addition to learning core academic subjects, children need to grow in other areas that are equally important in the development of a well-rounded individual. Teachers who have been specially trained in their subject area provide an enriching experience to all students through a curriculum that includes regularly scheduled classes in 

English, Math ,EVS, Hindi, French , Computers, Art, Music and Physical Education

Classroom activities in a rich environment are supplemented by a variety of additional experiences that includes visiting artists, performers, and authors, field trips, drama, role-play  and story-telling, life skills, library activities, extracurricular opportunities 

Parent volunteers are encouraged to participate regularly both in and out of the classroom throughout their child’s Primary School experience. They are invited as judges in interclass competitions.

Primary School students have an opportunity to participate in a number of co-curricular school activities offered either through the Physical Education Cards (PEC) programme of CBSE or through the four houses, Sandeepan, Maitreyei, Vashistha and Gargi

In classes III - V we strive to provide a safe and appropriate academic environment that promotes each student's social, emotional, and academic development. We support the overall school mission and vision by inspiring a passion for learning while helping our students to become the global leaders of tomorrow.