"School is a shrine where childhood is celebrated, learning is rejoiced, values are ingrained and…… the future of a civilization is framed…..!! " 

With a firm belief  that the purest feelings of children's hearts,  come out effortlessly when they find proficient teachers, and a futuristic guidance, we continuously strive to sow the seeds of curiosity and instill the urge to explore in our students;  especially in the most formidable years of their life - the adolescence. 

We relentlessly work on the identification of every child's unique intelligence, and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to create  opportunities to  optimize their  potential.  Various avenues of learning and exploring inside and outside the boundaries of school are created to foster an independence of thought, and appropriate decision making.

With a fine underpinning of our vision statement, ‘education empowers the child, influences the home and transforms society’;  Gurukul Progressive Educational Program,(GPEP) is designed, and  evolved continuously in accordance with the global trends. With an all new and ever comprehensive approach to education, the school provides proficient training in all the six subjects i.e. Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Social Studies, and Computers, along with the provision of Sanskrit and French as the third language. 

All the four Cs, of our  school- Classroom, Corridor, Campus and Community, teamed with our insightful teaching pedagogies, work hand in hand  for the creation of skillful and contributing citizens of society.

Our operational imperatives, work on the identification of each child's uniqueness through  project based, interdisciplinary and analytical approach to teaching and learning. Avenues of various Intra Class, Inter Class and Inter school competitions, are created to let the students prove  their mettle by rubbing their shoulders with their counterparts, explore wide horizons while steering  clear of unhealthy competition. 

The global tide of technology , is used as a learning tool at Gurukul. Our proficient team of teachers, helps the students develop the key skill of locating desirable knowledge from the vast expanse.

Our ultra sonic computer labs, chemistry lab, biology lab  and Maths lab are all equipped to make learning a joy. The wi- fi enabled sprawling school campus, provides an easy access to a vast  pool of information in every corner of the school, to make teaching more impactful. 

Our assessments are not the yardsticks  to measure a child's potential with bars of judgment. We design them to serve us as windows to ascertain the effectiveness of our teaching. Conducted continuously and at regular intervals, our dynamic  assessments, comprise of four Unit tests, at regular intervals and the bi- annual Summative Assessments, that summarise the child's growth in both the scholatic and co-scholastic domains. 

Used as diagnostic tools, they inspire  us to evolve our teaching practices, in accordance with our learners to bring out every child's best.

Under the expert guidance of skillful teachers and  trainers, the students are motivated for an inspired participation in Olympiads and  countrywide competitions designed to trace student prodigies. Our participation in competitions of national acclaim,  fetches a cutting  edge to the students in the selection procedure of eminent  colleges and universities.

In perfect sync with CBSE's latest inventions , the school has an extensive range activities to cater to both the scholastic and co- scholastic domains.  In our studios of skill building, we offer training in various  art forms, sculpture, vocal and instrumental music. A plethora of dance forms  including  hip-hop,  Jazz, , Indian classical dance, are taught by the master blasters of  these fields, so that our students do not just learn and enjoy them but also may opt  for these as their career option and pursue their dreams.

We have redefined our house system, and launched an all- new Class Ranking System, where each class - under the captaincy of Class- teacher, contests for the 'Best Class of the Year' trophy by participating in various  competitions, and an array of activities such special assemblies, speaking walls, information boards and participation in scholastic and co-scholastic competitions. The meticulously conceived parameters of assessment, encourage  a preference for self-discipline over imposed discipline . The  students grow up with the realization of  accepting the responsibility of their  actions , on-guard or off- guard. 


Every Friday is uniquely planned to foster team spirit and break  down the isolation of today's emotionally bereft homes thought impelling  videos, quiz, story- telling and experience sharing  sessions, become the effective measures to meet this end.