Idyllically located at 14 milestone, Delhi on  NH-24, amidst a mesmeric scenic view, spanning six acres, the school campus is set in the back drop of nature away from the tapping of modern congested city. The school offers a lush green and tranquil environment which is most conducive for young learners' health, growth and learning.


To cater to the specific needs of learners at different levels ,the school has four blocks- the Primary Block (Classes Pre-Nur. to II) , the Senior Block (Classes III to XII) , the Activity block and the Administrative block

To ensure the most delightful ambience for learning, the school offers a fully air- conditioned Pre-primary wing.  The entire school is equipped with ultra fast wi-fi  connectivity in all these four  blocks. The audio-visual class rooms with encasements of mesmeric background- that is the sweet result of our  unique dollar shape building -an architectural marvel; spruce up the spirit of learning and exploring furthermore. 


Flora and Fauna has a special place in the school's province. The eco friendly habitat includes the lush green gardens, aviary and the bunnies.

The splish-splash of our cool pool, is a delight for every  beholder. The cheerful dips in the pool,  provide a respite from the heat when little kiddos organize rain dance parties, under the protective surveillance and affectionate care of their teachers. 


A few inches away is our Sand Pit, where the little emperors, build the castes of their dreams and unfurl their imagination which is further complemented with the joyous journey in the toy train, that keeps the little cherubs chirping and bubbling throughout the day.   


The beautifully designed Activity Block, houses  fully air conditioned  studios for various performing arts. The thoughtfully designed upkeep of these studios of  classical dance, jazz, hip hop, transcend learning into a skill building juncture. 

Our vocal and instrumental rooms are superbly  furnished with acoustic foam panels and surround sound systems that ensure an aromatic ambience of highest order to let the learners internalize and master these skills.  

Our little maestros of theatre,  get most proficient guidance and skillful traineeship of experienced theatre personnel. The uniquely structured Theatre Room alighted on the top floor, is in sync with the philosophy that an artiste must envision the world,  to  express it with  perfection. 

Our art rooms and with their theme based, walls and graffiti, displays,  instill a love to experiment with various forms of sketching, drawing, colouring and painting as well as sculpture.


The ultra sonic Recording studio helps our students to record and have in-house production and post production editing done for all the events and celebrations, making each show spectacular.


Our state of the art Library  is a living organism that keeps evolving  every moment. With a magnanimous collection of more than 20, 000 resource books; and the subscription of more than 40 national and international-monthly, bi monthly and weekly journals,  along with 10 news papers of repute daily; our library is the hub of information and the heart of every learner.  It is also the epicenter of latest updates on CBSE manuals, circulars and career alerts of various fields. 


The school houses well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math labs. These labs are spacious and substantially big to accommodate all the essentials that instill a love for learning by doing and exploring by experimenting.  With recurring installations of more and more interactive gaming consoles, models and apparatus ranging from 3 to 5 Dimensions, these labs always remain the  most happening zones for hands-on learning and make even the trickiest concepts easily graspable. 


The unique one of its kind, Computer Lab of Gurukul is, par excellence, with rare few replicas in any of the contemporaries. Availability of about ………. computers , in a complete weather conditioned environment coupled with the fast-paced broadband facility, meets all the requirements for creating future techno-vistas. The unique  individualized workstations with the master board of the teacher trainer available on the digital display, eases out the task of understanding the intricacies, catering to the queries of larger groups in a go. 


Adjacent to the computer lab, is our  robust robotics lab, where the students experience the joy of  creating their self designed mini  robots, functioning models and machines, by making and unmaking, joining and dismantling the tiny equipments provided in the tool kits.   


Sports in Gurukul are the tools for building Stamina,  Speed,  Strength,  Skill  and Spirit. Our pristine playgrounds and prodigious basket ball courts are essentially designed to provide rigorous training regime during and post school hours. They are structured  for hosting tournaments and events of national acclaim promising optimum gaming exposure to the Gurukulites.  


A vivid range of outdoor games  have taekwondo, cricket, hockey, table tennis, skating, basketball, volleyball at the offing. In the arena of indoor games, the school offers proficient guidance in judo and yoga. While rigorous training of yoga is imparted inside the tradition inspired huts,  we have world class carpeted, mattress flooring in the huge Judo room, to make the toughest training every judoka's delight. 


All the amenities in terms of latest sports-equipments, State and National level coaches, and handsome scholarships are provided to national level players to motivate them to scale greater heights.


Our king size auditorium, is yet another prized possessions - a smart space skillfully designed to convene functions of great variety. The carefully structured stage, is a platform where the Gurukulites showcase their dramatics skills, their mastery on oratory and their prudence in dance. They also conduct their special assemblies and class presentations, Intra and inter school competitions and the events of great grandeur. With so much  planned and presented on stage, they shed off their stage fright and don the mantle of confidence and leadership.


The marvelous half-moon shape Conference Room, a unique phenomenon,  holds the capacity to accommodate, about 80 people. The crescent shaped sitting arrangement teamed with the digital Projector and Wi-Fi connectivity, facilitates a smooth flow of ideas, insights and innovations during important meetings, discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops.  


Our "Designed Traditional Huts’ named as SADHNA, KALANGAN & RANGSHALA, placed beside the sandpit, are crafted carefully with colours of antiquity to provide the perfect ambience for the practice of  Yoga,  meditation, and the pious Hawan ceremonies that are organised on the birthdays of Gurukulites, to invoke the blessings of almighty and soak the young minds in spiritual tranquility . 


Safety, security and sanity of each member of the school is amongst our prime agendas. Hence, the school houses an Infirmary equipped with paramedic staff to provide immediate medical assistance to the students and staff. We also have tie-ups with prestigious hospitals in the vicinity for specialized medical assistance, in case of immediate need.


The school has its own fleet of luxury buses to ensure a joyous commuting to the alma mater and school. Teachers and taught travelling together, build a bond of trust. Each bus is equipped with wireless connectivity, fire prevention equipment, first aid arrangement along with an attendant with a mobile. The parent can  get first hand information about the status of the  route, as per their ease.