The school partners with institutes and organizations of enormous repute to provide a  multi-dimensional dynamic out look to education and ensure ample of exposure to all our students. 


British Council: The school has been accredited with  "International School Award" twice in a series, by the  British Council’s flagship Global School Programme, for setting up exemplary standards of education,  Professional Development workshops, online courses and action research accreditation, School Leadership Development courses, collaborative projects in the school.  


Tony Blair Face To Faith Foundation: The school is connected and certified by the Foundation,  committed to increase  understanding of the impact of religion in the world and mitigating the damage caused by religious conflict and extremism by fostering open-mindedness, tolerance and secure and stable societies. 

Teach A Man To Fish:  Education is the most effective key to tackle youth unemployment and poverty worldwide.  Hence we  undertake  various projects to  set up school businesses which are both educational and profitable , to  ingrain the  business and entrepreneurial skills, the key ingredients of  self -attainment and a happy life. 

Rotary International : The Interact Club, a worldwide phenomenal service club, sponsored by Rotary International,  undertakes the projects to build  international understanding and goodwill in young people of ages 14 to 18 by rendering services to the society. Our contributions in extending services to the society,  by organizing Community Outreach Programmes, Tree plantation Drives, Awareness campaigns   and Blood Donation Camps, have earned us 'Peace Through Service' award.

Polish Culture Centre:

Spearheading with the baton of ‘Global Learning’ we have tied-up an enterprising educational- cum- thought exchange relationship with the esteemed University of Warsaw, Poland to create a launch pad for international learning for our students. Having proven their mettle through immaculate performance in academics, the  eligible candidates may avail the Erasmus Scholarship to pursue  the Undergraduate Programme in International Relations.  


Russian Culture Centre: 

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in New Delhi is a Representative office of the Federal Agency for Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO) in India.

The RCSC organizes different programmes for the citizens of Delhi and guests of the Indian capital. Programmes of the RCSC are dedicated to the achievements of Russian culture and science. Among them there are literary and poetic evenings, meetings with artists, painting exhibitions, book-exhibitions, photo-exhibitions, concerts, performances and gala-functions, presentations, conferences, seminars, discussions. Our educational cum thought exchange collaboration has been reciprocated with an overwhelming support and recognition, a promising avenues  of huge advantages to our students.


Confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI):

Our collaboration with (CUCAI) promises the prospects of huge support to our student community to undertake the projects based on Environmental disasters initiated by Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Government of India.

Memorandum of Understanding with China: Transgressing the barricades of culturally and  geographically diverse nations, we have secured the deserving students a place in the universities of enormous repute in China.

National Bal Bhavan –Gurukul The School is the member of National Bal Bhavan, an institution which aims at enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them various activities, opportunities and common platform to interact, experiment, create and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability. It offers a barrier-free environment with immense possibilities of innovation, minus any stress or strain. 

Gurukulites get free environment for expressing their ideas through the different media of dance, drama, music, puppetry etc. The multifarious activities falling under the category of performing arts like dance, drama, music, puppetry, choir singing, mimicry, script writing, nukkad natak etc. attract children from all strata of society and give them plenty of exposure. Activities like creative dramatics provide children with a wide range of activities, from creative thinking process to writing of scripts & dialogues, selection of roles, preparation of costumes, designing of sets etc., all leading to the actual performance or production.


TERI (The Energy And Resources Institute)--- The Environment club at Gurukul The School, aptly named as  “Dhara Rakshak” has an association with TERI.

TERI tackle issues of concern to Indian society, and the world at large, and develop innovative and cost effective solutions. Students of Gurukul take up different projects for sustainable interventions. Realize potential for national and international leadership as a knowledge based agent of change in the fields of energy, environment, other natural resources and sustain able development. They take up the projects for realizing a shared vision of global sustainable development.

Gurukul-The school has collaborated with TERI  programme S.E.A.R.C.H.(Sensitisation, Education and Awareness on Recycling for Cleaner Habitat).Under this project students are trying to become more eco-friendly.

Being the part of the workshop our students learnt a lot about the waste consumption. Students are collecting the used tetra packs of fruity,appy,milk,etc .They are washing them and cleaning them so as we can contribute a great amount. The collection of Tetra packs is going on well. We have two bins distributed by TERI for collection of tetra paks in our school.We have already contributed approx.2900kgs of waste by now and hope it increases much more in quantity .

The teachers  from the school have also attended National Educators Conference related to ESD that is  Education in Sustainable Development.


Vigyan Prasar Network (VIPNET)--- This is a network to weave all science clubs, societies, organisations which are already established, or are going to be established, and are willing to work with Vigyan Prasar to strengthen the popular science movement in the country with far reaching implications for the development of society.

Our students are associated with the organization and take active part in different projects with the objective of dissemination of information on science & technology (S&T), which is an essential tool for development. 

The spirit of curiosity, enquiry, innovation and creativity amongst students through activities, supplements conventional education and make science a very enjoyable and interesting pursuit. With such exposure our students have been able to reach up to International Level and our Champions twice in National Science Exhibition conducted by CBSE.