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Respected Sir,
My daughter 'Anaira Saxena' is student of Nur-B.We are really very satisfied with Nidhi Mam and Nishi Mam. Both faculty are very helpful and caring. One thing more that I am very thankful to Gurukul Management that they are playing a great role for student overall growth.

Anuj Kumar Sinha

This is a feedback regarding what we feel at Gurukul. It is regarding the journey of our child SHUBH GOYAL, moved on to Class 1-C. It has been 3 years he is studying at Gurukul,though all the teachers were good but some were the best. When our child reached to class KG-C,we met Ms. Pooja Dhall and Ms. Shipra. If i would be honest i was not much happy in PTM meeting , as they have given no feedback of our child or it was a silent interaction. second PTM was also the same. Then i thought to not to go in PTM. But as the year progressed we saw a great change in Shubh's understanding , writing ,dancing, vocab,communication. Then we met again in the parent teacher meeting and we were amused by the feedback of the class teacher. So minute observations were told to us that we felt very happy. We were very satisfied that Ms. Pooja Dhall is the class teacher of Shubh. She has put all her efforts to improve shubh in every aspect.To test shubh we also have taken a form of schools to get admitted into class-1. We were shocked to see the results :Hindi-19/20,Maths-20/20,Eng-18.5/20.this was all because of Pooja mam and we thought of Sticking to Gurukul. Secondly she is very prompt for every question asked. We have got such a bad habit that for books and dress also we ask to her for the availability and the good part it ,she gives us the exact information. So as a parent we would like to thank you for having wonder full teachers and fantabulous teacher like Pooja mam.

Vijay Goyal
Father of Shubh Goyal-I C

Gurukul is one of the best institutions. My child is doing very well. I am happy to see my child happy while going to school, that is the most important thing for me.


Overall Gurukul is an ideal school. Academics as well as personality development activities are both taken care of. I'm happy to be associated with the institution.


The teachers are very caring and co-operative. Individual attention is given to every student. I'm completely satisfied.


Happy and satisfied that my daughter is a Gurukulite. I have seen tremendous improvement in her academics as well as overall development. Teachers are very co-operative and are always ready to help.


The care and compassion of the teachers, especially the class teacher, has brought about a positive and beautiful change in the overall conduct of my child. Thanks a lot.


We are very happy to see the performance of our ward. My ward is improving both in academics and co-curricular. We feel proud to have a school like Gurukul where the children are counseled so well.


The way my child is being groomed in the school is awesome! The teachers are very hard working and it has reflected in the personality of my child. Thanks for the great work!


Everything is very good. The teaching fraternity of the school is very hard working and co-operative, always give us the feedback and guide us to a correct direction. Thanks for helping us in bringing out the best in our child.

Parent of RAJ SHARMA-V C

I write to you with whole hearted best wishes and a congratulatory note on the success of Class Presentation "Krishna Ki Class". All children performed extremely well. The best part of this year presentation was to hear the children's voice LIVE on stage. A special thanks to the Principal, Management and all the teachers for putting their massive effort in making the class presentation a great success.
I am proud to be a Gurukul Parent with much love and respect.

Harshita Agarwal
Mother of Tashvi Panda-class II F

Thank you Diksha Mam and Jyoti Mam for being our child's teacher. We know that our child is currently in the level of building foundation when it comes to his academic learning but you have successfully imparted so many things that our son needs to know. As a parent, we simply admire you and thank you mam! Vidip loves you a lot. Your dedication and love in teaching your pre-nursery pupils and we are so blessed that our child is in your class. Thank you teachers and may you continue with the good work. An Inspirer, An Empower, An Engager, these three characteristics are just few qualities of many you demonstrate with all of your students, every single day. You make us feel authentically supported when you say, "Please let me know how I can be helpful" and genuinely mean it. Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for teaching my child important values of Life like sharing, respecting elders, praying to GOD, saying sorry and so many more to go. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of the great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.

With gratitude

Akanksha & Rahul
Parent of Vidip-Pre Nursery

Dear Mam
Story telling session organized by the school was the practical way in which school involved parents. I really appreciate the way school is doing more to encourage busy parents to get more involved in their children's school activities. It was a wonderful experience, very nice and interactive session. As a father I am very happy that my participation in this activity or event can have a significant impact on my child. I really enjoyed telling story to my child and his classmates. My child was also very happy and excited. Hospitality of school is amazing. Thanks to the class teacher as well for their kind support.

S.P. Singh
Father of Satyarth Singh-KG-A

Respected Sir, My son, Atulya Jain, studies in your school in class KG-B and got his admission done last year only. Like every other parent, we were in dilemma, while choosing a good school for him which would primarily have a good academic record, good administration, good set of teachers and a proper sports ground for proving an overall environment to kids. We went to many schools and finally chose Gurukul - The School over other schools. Today this decision is proved right in many ways. Whenever we look at the progress of our son, we feel proud and this deserves to mention the coach, the friend at school, the kid's mentor - Ms.Meenu Sharma, Class-Teacher (KG-B), who has polished these kids so well and allowed them to blossom like a flower. When Atulya started going to Gurukul - The School from April'2016, everything for him was new - New school, new infrastructure, new class friends, new teacher, new rules, new new and new. It wasn't easy for him to adjust in the atmosphere and generally any kid would take two to three weeks or more to settle down. However in our case he was so excited to go to the school that we never felt as if he is going to a new school. It was because of Meenu mam's initiative and special attention to Atulya (As he was among the few kids who joined the school at KG level, rest of the kids had already attended the school since play-group and were pals.) that he adjusted to this change on his first day only. We feel blessed to have her as the class-teacher for our son. Also with the efforts that she has been making, one thing is very obvious - These initial preparatory classes are the ones which set the right foundation for kids. Probably these classes demand more attention and patience. Meenu madam has always been instrumental in sharpening his skills, providing opportunities to come over his shyness, anchor stage performances and above all perform well in academics. I shouldn't miss Atulya's efforts to speak in english and to read english words. This is really awesome when a KG student speaks in a language which is not spoken at his home and he insists all of us to speak the same. This deserves a special thanks to Meenu madam. She has ensured a great and noticeable change in Atulya's personality. At the same time i would also thank the entire school, it's management, you, entire staff and the support staff including bus drivers and attendants for bringing out a nice overall package for all parents to send their wards and be free from all their worries.

Naveen Jain
Father of Atulya Jain-KG-B

Dear Mam Thank you very much to plan story telling session activity. It was an amazing experience. I have enjoyed a lot and recalled my old days where my Nani use to tell stories. I had almost forgotten my Nani but this activity has recalled those times and my loved ones. Now a days we are only focused on ourselves .This exercise has given me the opportunity to remember my old ones and bond with new generation. We also got chance to share our Nana/Nani experiences to our son. I must say that these types of activities should be done on regular basis.

Dhanik Lal Sahni
Father of Poorvansh-NUR-D

Dear Mam You left no words for us to express our opinion about the function. We could see the efforts and hard work of the teachers in getting the children to do such wonderful work. It was such a proud moment to see my son performing like big kids with confidence and in sync. It was like a miracle to showcase such a flawless act through such small kids barely reaching the age from three to five. Thank you for this initiative to all the teachers. You all have really transformed them in to diamonds. Everyday something they come up with feels like prodigy and all thanks to Gurukul School, the teachers, the love and the care.

Subhash Verma
Father of Sriansh Verma-Nursery

Dear Mam Annual function was awesome. I enjoyed all the performances. Facing more than 400 people in annual function was showing the confidence in each child. This is motivational for us also. I am proud as parents that my child is the part of Gurukul The School. Thanks to you and your team.

Gaurav Kant Tyagi
Father of Lavanya Tyagi-Nursery

Dear Mam Thanks for organizing such a lovely memorable and good educational event "Bioscope" for the children and parents. I am sure it would not have been easy to take responsibility. Thanks a lot for the hard work and appreciate all the efforts that has gone to make this event memorable one.

Neeraj Singh
Father of Virat Chandravanshi-Nursery

Dear Mam, I would like to thank Gurukul and team of teachers. My child has started feeling more comfortable and open to learning new things because of the teachers. Thank you for helping my child learn important lessons of life about good touch and bad touch. I would like to thank Manjusha Mam for whatever she has done for my child. You are one of the most caring and loving teacher that I have come across. I am relieved that my daughter is in good hands. I appreciate your dedication towards my child. Words are not enough to thank you. I appreciate your efforts as a teacher and school as well. Best Wishes

Priti Mittal
Mother of Khushi-Nursery

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