4 Tips to Keep Boredom Away from Learning


Education can be effective and wholesome only when the learners can enjoy every moment of the teaching sessions. But what has been seen is that while more emphasis is given on what should be taught to the kids, less focus is laid on how the same should be taught. The level of assimilation of the lessons depends largely on the methods chosen for teaching the same.

We all know that children tend to remain more interested and focused on games and outdoor activities than receiving lessons sitting at a place for hours together. Hence, to make education and learning equally interesting and effective, it must be made playful and engaging to keep monotony at length. If the children start feeling bored during their lessons, they will learn nothing despite the best efforts of the teachers or parents.

Here, in this article below, we, at Gurukul The School, have brought for you some of the ways that can you try at home to keep your child entertained while studying and also keep boredom miles away. 

Indulge Them in Story-Based Learning

Stories have always been an excellent source of teaching children. It is the very reason why folktales, legends, and folklores have always dominated the world of literature when it comes to ancient forms of knowledge and learning. Stories appeal to young minds very naturally and allow the brain to imagine. This, in turn, helps to develop the creative potential of kids as well.

Try teaching your child by narrating engaging and exciting stories, and they would remember it for long. But, if you try to choose the traditional ways of teaching them through simply keeping them bound to exercises and textbook lessons, kids would soon find the learning sessions boring and monotonous. This is more likely to shift their focus to anything but learning.

Keep Scope for Them to Participate

Participation is the key to engagement, and when you allow a child to take part in anything, he/she gets entangled with the task and dedicates the entire attention in doing the same. Hence, when you sit with your child to teach him/her anything, make sure to create space and scope for the kid to participate as well. Instead of criticizing their opinions and views, try to be assertive and positive in your response and assist them to perfection. 

Introduce Number Games & Puzzles

When it comes to mathematics, number games, number tricks, puzzles, etc. can be more useful than discussions and stories. You can ask the kids to do a particular sum and offer a quicker method of doing the same when they are done. This will attract the attention of the child and also help him/her to grasp the idea in a better way. Puzzles and numerical tricks are also helpful in brushing the analytical skills of a child.

Connect Them to Real-Life Experiences

Nature teaches the best, and when you take your child closer to nature, it learns by default. No matter how hard we try to explain the parts of a plant in the classroom with the help of diagrams and images, nothing can equal the experience of holding a sapling in hand. A child can learn and remember better when he/she gets to touch the plant and experience the parts of it, besides observing with the very eyes. At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that learning is a combination of perceiving and analyzing to come to a conclusion. And, nothing is a method as complete as experiential learning. 

We, at Gurukul The School, one among the top five schools in Ghaziabad and one of the premium educational institutions in the country, lay our foundation on the promise of keeping the process of education and learning wholesome and impactful. Our veteran teachers make sure that every child gets enough opportunity to participate in the classroom activities that keep them aligned to the learning system without feeling bored. The excursions, discussions and debates, sports activities, etc. make sure that children do not feel monotony at any point in time and take education as enthusiastically as desired. If parents too can adopt the tips as provided in this article above, you can easily help the kids get rid of the boredom and stay involved in the process of learning with excitement and vigor.

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