5 Reasons Why Childhood is the Best Phase for Learning Robotics


Recent times have seen a sudden rise in the use of technology by mankind. Ever since the COVID pandemic has hit us, we have become all the more dependent on technology for our work as well as education. Not just the adults but even the kids are picking up the technological nuances really fast. If you see, even the toddlers today are very much familiar with gadgets, such as tablets, mobiles, and computers. As such, it becomes essential that even the education system embraces the recent technological trends so as to make children aware of the booming technologies and their use.

No wonder, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and other technologies have already found a place in the academic curriculum of schools. Besides being fun and engaging for kids, the inclusion of these technologies also helps smoothen the concept of STEM learning for young minds.

At Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that childhood is indeed the best time for teaching technologies like robotics and more to kids. And here we have some of the reasons that back our belief.

Helps the kids attain strong coding skills

In the initial stages of Robotics, kids have to gain knowledge on coding to write the programming codes. They have to write, run, and test the code. These activities help them identify the errors and fix them. Consistent practice helps them hone their coding skills which can make them get a head-start, provided they want to continue their career in computer science or other recent technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning. 

Preps them up for coping well with challenges

The entire concept of robotics for children is designed to prepare them to manage tough tasks. To make a robot work, the kids have to ensure that every point related to the functioning of robots is perfect. No doubt, they encounter many challenges in the process, and they have to keep hold of their calm and perseverance to think and overcome the challenges in the best possible manner. This makes them gain the positive attitude of a problem-solver, which will come in handy to them in many real-life situations ahead. 

Instills and boosts their creative thinking abilities

When children engage in robotics activities, they learn to visualise out-of-the-box devices and machines. And to make them function, they are required to ensure that the coding and functions are perfect. These two aspects help stimulate their creative juices and enable them to come up with sparkling new ideas to complete any given project.

Imbues teamwork skills

The robotics projects, when conducted at the school level, require a bunch of kids to work together. They have to understand and adapt to each other’s skills to complete the task. This fosters in them the crucial qualities of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership and promotes a positive environment for learning.

Prepares them for the technologies of future

Robotics and machine learning have already made way for driverless cars and space travel. And there’s no denying that there’s a lot more to come up in the near future. By learning robotics, the kids will have an opportunity to get prepared for the next round of technology changes and get equipped for their future careers. 

At Gurukul The School, ranked among the best schools in Ghaziabad, we have included coding and robotics as a part of our educational curriculum to help our pupils get prepared for life beyond the horizons of our school. Robotics is a field where the kids get to learn each and everything practically. There is hence more of hands-on and experiential learning, which helps a lot in raising kids’ interest in the learning process.

 When kids become acquainted with the fun and interesting fields of coding and robotics, no longer do we or you have to stress them on learning the concepts. Their interest will push them on to learn the new technology with confidence. As they continue to achieve success, their self-esteem will grow naturally, and this will prep them well to face the challenges of the world with ease and confidence.

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