5 Reasons Why Kids Should Indeed Learn Coding!


Technology has changed the way the world once worked. With its all-pervasive presence and applications, technology has not only morphed and improved our ways of living; it has also altered the academic and educational requirements dramatically. While earlier, reading and writing were regarded to be the pillars of learning, coding is gradually becoming another essential at the school level. Even the latest NEP 2020 announced by the Government of India has suggested including coding into mainstream education from 6th grade onwards. The purpose is to make the educational system progressive, inclusive, and at par with the global standards. We, at Gurukul The School, are also expecting coding to emerge as an integral part of the future and here are 5 reasons why we support the inclusion of coding into oureducation framework.

1. Coding Enhances Language Skills
No denying, language is one of the most important aspects of learning. There is hardly any alternative to language for sharpening the skills when it comes to kid’s cognitive development. To understand the role of coding in brain development, we must first understand that coding is a kind of language, and hence, aids in developing cognitive skills and empowering the kids with analytical precision. The world of coding revolves around zero and one. With these two cardinal quantities, the entire set of alphabets can be expressed. This is the reason why children who learn to code get to explore the boundless potential of permutations and combinations that the two digits can offer, stretching their imagination limits to infinity.

2. Coding Sharpens Creativity
When children study the textbook, they follow the information and grab it. But when children put in their efforts in experimental tasks, they explore, learn, and also fail at times. The best part about this is that the kids learn from their failures and setbacks. Hence, besides setting their mind to an absolute positive frame, they also enjoy the ecstasy of discovery while playing with the codes. In the world of coding, possibilities are countless. Every child has to check the possible alternative to arrive at a conclusion, which, in turn, offers them wholesome education, imbibing learning, exploring, and analyzing. Thus, the creative genius in every child gets a better opportunity to thrive.

3. Coding Augments Math Skills
Mathematics is one subject that needs an analytical approach. Without reasoning and analysis, no child can ever learn mathematics just by memorizing the tricks. This is where the importance of brain development comes in. Also, for the brain to become sharper, you need to feed it well. As far as intelligence and mathematical skills are concerned, coding can be a staple diet for the brain to keep it healthy, nourished, and growing. This is one reason why experts are suggesting incorporating coding in the school level syllabus to make the little brains agiler.

4.Coding Improves Overall Academic Performance of Kids
With a better analytical capacity, higher cognitive understanding, and enhanced creativity, the aggregate outcome will always be an uplift of your child’s overall academic performance. Coding can be one of the most vital instruments in making your child academically stronger and more confident. Studies worldwide have revealed that plenty of the kids have improved their score sheets and grades when they begin with the coding classes.

5. Coding Helps in Problem-Solving
Every problem has multiple solutions. But the challenge remains to find the right direction to approach the problem. Coding can help develop children’s brain in a way so that they turn out to be smart problem-solvers. Since the coding tasks generally involve several steps through which a conclusion is reached, analysis, interpretation, and forecasting remain integral to the process. Hence, children learning to code master the skill of solving any problem step-by-step. 

There is no doubt that coding is indeed the future. And to make each of our pupils technically fitting for the future coding-based learning environment, we, at Gurukul The School, one among the Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad, have ensured to keep our learning methods adequately supportive. We have already started preparing to integrate coding into our regular academic module. Our students have always added feathers to our crown, and with the relentless efforts of our teachers and advanced infrastructure, we are certain all our students will shine bright in the future as well.

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