A Progressive Approach to Education is what the 21stCentury Children Need


Knowledge can be acquired through various means. No specific way or approach can be set as the only option for education. With the changing times, the approach towards education has changed as well. The traditional blackboard teachings have already been largely replaced with its modern incarnation, the smart boards. The methodologies observed by the teachers while teaching have also changed drastically to plug-in more students and deliver a better learning experience.

GurukulThe School’ is one of the leading CBSE schools that has adopted progressive learning methods as its pillars for offering education to the children. Integrating effective ways to learn and to explore new ideas, progressive learning has become the most applauded methods in the educational arena these days. Here are some of the advantages of progressive learning that makes it one of the best education impartation techniques for modern world kids.

Enables critical thinking among young minds

The traditional method of teaching always boasted learning the ideas and thoughts that are already there. But, with progressive learning, the focus has changed drastically. Progressive education emphasizes on individual perception of the things instead of describing in a generalized way. It enables children to learn to analyze and interpret conditions and phenomenon in their unique way rather than following the words written in the book. This provides them with ample scope to develop their cognitive capacities and come up with fresh ideas propelling the process of knowledge and learning both.

Progressive learning enables students to think and not simply follow. At GurukulThe School, we believe that the curiosity of the young minds holds the key to further the process of learning through fresh ways of investigation and exploration. We thus lay special focus on our teaching methodologies and pedagogy to make sure that the creative instinct of our children remains lit, and the progressive approach to education surely paves the path for the same.

Establishes knowledge attainment as an integral part of daily lives

The idea of the Harkness table stands in sharp contrast with the traditional idea of a classroom where a teacher would lead the way of knowledge impartation for children, and the children would follow the same. Harkness table is a concept included within the scope of progressive learning that boasts the process of bringing teachers and students on the same dais and share the knowledge possessed by either. We, at Gurukul Crossings, follow the same approach and make education a part of daily discussion and an avenue needed to be treated separately. The concept of progressive learning stands on the very principle that education is not a separate act, and it is an integral part of our daily lives. It is through discussions and sharing that the knowledge grows, and we, at Gurukul, follow the same path.

Focuses on imparting deep-rooted knowledge

Education must not be imparted as aimless information that any young mind struggles to remember for long. Instead, education should come wrapped with a soulful comprehension that gets permanently printed on the minds of the learners. The progressive approach of education focuses more on delivering the learners with hands-on experiences of whatever they learn, instead of merely sticking to textbooks for information attainment.

At Gurukul Crossings, a leading schools near Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad, we have never kept education impartation confined within the boundaries of the classrooms or textbooks. With our progressive approach to education, we have remained successful in inciting the inquisitiveness and involvement of our pupils into the process of learning. Our students actively remain involved in the teaching-learning process and willingly participate in all the activities conducted at the school, be it related to academics or co-curricular sphere. After all, when children choose to learn on their free will, the purpose of progressive learning celebrates a triumph.

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