Adapting To The New Normal: What Will It Be Like?


‘The new normal’: haven’t we heard this term too many times in the past few days? Right from the way we shop, our modes of communication, to the way we work, everything has been categorized under the new normal ever since the pandemic has hit the world. And, truth be told, we are still adjusting to these new ideas. After all, it’s not easy to give up years of habits and practices and adapt suddenly to things that are so unforeseen.

Another fact of the matter is that this new normal is here to stay for a long while now, even as the lockdown is getting eased, and perhaps, even after the lockdown will get completely uplifted. So, like all of us at Gurukul the School, you must have also wondered what will it be like to adapt to this transformed scenario.

On that note, we have decided to take a closer look today at what will adapting to the new normal look like.

Staying away from crowded places is going to continue

Though the lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased, we are still going to be skeptical about crowded places for quite a while now, and rightfully so. After all, we cannot feel free to move around in crowds until the dark shadow of the deadly virus continues to loom large, and no proven medication for it gets released.

Being more cautious and careful about personal hygiene

The importance of maintaining the basic norms of personal hygiene has been highlighted by the pandemic, and we are not going to forget the lesson anytime soon. So, adapting to the new normal would also mean continuing with the twenty-second hand washing rule, relying on sanitizers, being extra-cautious in elevators and cabs, and so on.

Postponing the travel plans till an indefinite period

We understand that both you and the children are extremely sad to have postponed the travel plans for this year. But, sadly, we don’t have any good news to offer on that front. We can only resume our travel plans safely once proper vaccinations have been discovered. So, though a couple of countries might lift the travel ban this year, vacations will, and should, have to take a backseat now.

Going online for both necessities and luxuries

We had started resorting to online retail even before the pandemic spread like wildfire over the country. However, there has been an increased dependence on apps and websites during this period. Be it ordering the groceries to watching the latest movies, the internet has taken over our life, and this shift towards relying on online avenues is going to continue further.

Finding new ways to stay connected with your people

Our ways of connecting with people, be it our colleagues or friends, has changed drastically in the past few months. We have the advanced technology of video calling, and apps like Zoom and Webex have been widely used by us. The potential of these modern ways of communication has been realized, and we will keep on depending on them more in the years to come.

Leveraging greater availability of the e-learning resources

Finally, as educational institutions across the globe have resorted to online classes, there has been greater availability of better e-learning resources. This is good news for the educators and the learners as it offers improved opportunities to extend the boundaries of knowledge.

There is no denying the fact that we are living in times of uncertainties in every aspect of life. But, we, at Gurukul The School, one among the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, believe that the need of the hour is to stay patient and embrace the positive aspects of this new normal. We are hopeful that the day our country will get free from the pandemic isn’t far away. But till then, we must make sure to follow the health and safety guidelines religiously.

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