All-Round Development of Children is the Key Focus of Education Impartation at Gurukul


An individual can be best described as a summation of his/her skills, aptitude, knowledge, and perception, all combined in a single frame. Hence, in order to enable a young mind to grow to his/her best potential, it is necessary that instead of merely laying the focus on textbook-based education and academic know-how, the emphasis is laid on the holistic development, and every aspect of personality is given due consideration.

Studies state that the most important areas of development that help in character building and holistic grooming of children are cognitive development, communication development, social skill development, and physical development. If any of these goes missing from the process of learning and grooming, the upbringing and development remain incomplete. This is why we, at GurukulThe School, recognized among the Best CBSE Schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, have incorporated in our pedagogy various activities and approaches that aid in the development of all these areas and ensure personality grooming of each of our students without any compromise.


For effective and smooth interactions, communication skills play a crucial role. If the words are right and the way of speaking is correct, any idea can be conveyed effortlessly. Whether a child aspires to become a teacher or a manager, strong communication abilities is a criterion that helps to keep one ahead in every run of life. Hence, mastering the art to communicate effectively becomes a bare essential when it comes to the all-round development of children. Studies reveal that young age is the best time when a child possesses the highest potential to grasp and learn language skills. Hence, it is vital that communication skill training is introduced during the school years itself.

Social Development

Be it school, home, office, or public gatherings, social interaction is the key to staying connected with the society. Children having the ability to interact readily with people are said to have better social skills than those who shy away from unknown faces. The more one feels comfortable in unfamiliar ambiance, the better are his/her chances to grow into a confident individual, capable of coping up well in any work environment. Hence, developing social skills at an early age can lay a strong foundation for a better future ahead.

Physical Development

Physical education has always been there as an integral part of the school education owing to its direct impact on the mind and body of the young learners. A little physical activity on a regular basis helps improve immunity and builds agility and flexibility in the body. Moreover, as you know, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. If the physical health remains in good condition, the level of concentration, confidence, and determination also go up naturally. This, in turn, helps the children to perform better in various spheres of life. 

Creativity Development

Every child has a special interest. Arts, dance, music, photography, and performing arts are some of the common domains where children generally show their inclination. If a child has the willingness to pursue any of the creative skills that are inherent to him/her, the same must be encouraged. Talent can only be sprouted when it is watered regularly, and schools do the groundwork for such nourishment to make the roots stronger.

We, at Gurukul Crossings, believe that every child is a powerhouse of potential. To groom them into vibrant personalities, all-round development is a must. We, at our school, hence regularly organize special interactive classes where children speak their mind to release their fear of public speaking. It helps them gain confidence and at the same time, also aids them in improving their communication skills. Regular sports activities are conducted to keep the little ones engaged as well as fit. We believe that the schooling years are the best time to introduce these skills to children as this is the phase when the mind absorbs the most. At Gurukul, we foster an environment that helps develop the tender minds into impactful personalities by nurturing them with love, care, and strategic training.

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