All You Need to Know About Early Adolescence


Have you recently found yourself grappling with sudden changes in your kid’s behavior? Are they experiencing frequent ups and downs or showing signs of rebellion? Even if it all sounds similar, trust us; you’re not alone! There are many parents whose children exhibit similar behavior when they reach early adolescence. It is a transformative phase for kids that’s filled with challenges, excitement, and growth.

We at Gurukul The School, one of the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, firmly believe that, as parents, it is crucial for you to be informed of this stage and the associated changes that kids come across during this phase. It is important as kids generally require special support and understanding from parents during this time.

At our school, we keep educating students about such topics and also provide them with individual assistance as and when needed. However, children also require the same level of support after school hours from parents. This is why we’ve brought here an insightful blog post to help parents seamlessly navigate their kid’s early adolescence journey. Let’s delve in without any further ado.

Early Adolescence – Starting from the Basics

Every child goes through this phase, but some face additional challenges as they don’t know what to expect during this stage. Early adolescence refers to the developmental stage between the ages of 10 and 14. You can consider this period as your child’s most important growth stage as they experience rapid changes on all levels, viz., physically, socio-emotionally, and cognitively.

Children start experiencing heightened self-awareness during early adolescence, and their sense of individual identity starts to take shape. They also start getting influenced by peer pressure during this stage.

We at Gurukul The School would like to recommend the parents to build their knowledge of this life phase so their kids don’t feel left out and learn to figure everything out independently.   

Assisting Kids During Their Early Adolescence

This phase can be an extraordinary growth period for all kids if they receive the right guidance and support from their caregivers. If you’re trying to understand how you can actively contribute to making this stage pleasant, learning about the impact early adolescence has on different levels can help.

  • Significant Physical Changes

A noticeable aspect of early adolescence is the onset of puberty. As your kids enter this stage, they will undergo major physical changes, like body hair growth, growth spurts, development of secondary sexual characteristics, etc. With so many changes, it becomes crucial for parents to understand the events taking place and talk about these with their kids.

Try initiating and engaging in open conversations around these changes so your kids can easily navigate this journey. You should also give extra attention to their overall diet so they get the needed nutrition to support these physical changes and overall well-being.

  • Cognitive Development

When you converse with a kid in their early adolescence, you will notice their thinking is becoming more introspective, complex, and abstract. They may suddenly start questioning a lot and develop their own beliefs and life values. Here, we at Gurukul The School would like to advise the parents to utilize this opportunity to encourage curiosity, critical thinking skills, and intellectual exploration in their kids.

Begin engaging in interesting conversations on topics they like, expose them to diverse perspectives, and encourage them to read more during their early adolescence stage. It will help them evolve better. You can also pick other activities that help them develop a sharp intellect, preparing them to face all future challenges.

  • Potential Emotional and Social Challenges

The emotional rollercoaster of early adolescence can be challenging for both kids and their parents. Children may start experiencing frequent mood swings, a desire for independence, heightened sensitivity, and much more. Hence it becomes crucial for parents to create a supportive and safe environment where kids can fearlessly express their opinions, feelings, etc.

During this phase, parents who exercise active listening, open communication, and empathy often develop a strong emotional bond with their kids. If you don’t want your kids to adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms during this period, become their guide and support. Look for ways to facilitate social interactions, positive friendships, empathy, and respect so they find it easier to face social challenges.


Early adolescence is an extraordinary period that helps shape your child’s belief system and life values. It even helps them mature physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. The only downside to this phase is the flow of intense emotions that children can find hard to navigate alone. If you want to make this period a pleasant and transformational one for your kids, we recommend offering your unlimited support.

Embrace every opportunity to guide them while respecting their emerging individuality. Stay involved in their lives and help them by providing relevant resources, support, guidance, and care.

Here again, we at Gurukul The School, being one of the most trusted and one of the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, would like to recommend the parents to trust your parenting instincts and be patient throughout the process. We are certain with your love and support, your kids will certainly evolve beautifully. 

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