Ample Sleep is Necessary for the Brain Growth of Kids

A child’s mind is a wondrous maze. It’s a complex labyrinth that, unless explored, never unlocks its true purpose, mystique, and potential. So, does that sound fair? Every day, about 68,000 children are born in India, and tens of thousands of them remain lacking when it comes to unleashing their true potential. Sounds harsh, but true! The prime culprits for this remain malnutrition, lack of education, and unavailability of shelter due to poverty.

So, what have these facts got to do with brain development? Well, everything! Malnutrition, lack of education, and unavailability of shelter all contribute to a lack of brain development. Thus, make it a point to tell your kids that they should count themselves lucky to be amongst the ones who are getting all of these essentials. While the consistently improving state of our country will try to take care of the rest, you, as responsible parents, must play your part to ensure that your children aren’t wasting the opportunities being provided to them.

However, besides the three key necessities that have a major role to play in brain development, there is another passive thing that significantly contributes to developing their intellect, and that is “sleep.” Yes, not many know, but sleep is one of the basic things that are very closely connected with brain development. Today, we at Gurukul The School, ranked among the top schools in Ghaziabad, will share with you a few facts in this regard that’ll convince you to follow through.

The Connection Between Sleep & Mood: While good sleep can help lift a child’s mood, a lack of sleep can badly disrupt the same. Haven’t you noticed that whenever your child doesn’t get to sleep properly, he/she keeps feeling easily irritable, have difficulty concentrating, display emotional outbursts, and have temper tantrums? The effects of poor sleep on children’s moods are cumulative and long-term. So, you must ensure that your children get enough sleep every night. Good sleep is necessary for children to be emotionally stable, happy, and content.
Sleep Helps the Brain & Body to Revive & Rejuvenate: Sleep is a natural process that helps the body and mind recover from the wear and tear caused due to routine activities. Besides, since our brain takes in huge amounts of information every day, it needs sufficient rest to process it all, store it, and regulate emotions accordingly.
Lack of Sleep Hinders Cognitive Development: Sleep releases vital hormones from the pituitary gland that are essential for brain repair. It thereby helps to restore and rejuvenate our mental and physical capacities and is also essential for the development of memory in children. Lack of sleep can cause memory issues, leading to a decline in cognitive functions, such as reduced attention span and underdeveloped reasoning and language skills. It also may lead to increased stress levels and overall cognitive decline.
Proper Sleep Reduces the Risk for Obesity and Diabetes: Research reveals that people with poor sleep quality are more likely to have high blood sugar levels than those with better sleep quality. This is because sleep deprivation increases insulin resistance in the body, leading to higher blood sugar levels. Moreover, lack of sleep also hinders the metabolism and digestion process of the body. This means that if you don’t get ample sleep, you are more exposed to attracting health issues like obesity and diabetes.
Hopefully, this article from Gurukul The School has helped you understand why ample sleep is essential for your child’s brain development. Thus, make sure that you, as responsible parents, not only concentrate on the physical well-being and nutrition of your kids but also allow them to have ample sleep time. See to it that they are tugged into their bed at night well in time so that they get to have at least 8 hours of sound sleep. Ensure that their bedroom environment is warm, cozy, and devoid of distractions.

At Gurukul The School, one of the top schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that owing to the rising cases of mental illnesses among children, it has rather become necessary that efforts are laid towards maintaining their mental well-being. To that end, one of the core prerequisites is to ensure that they get enough sleep to let their mind as well as body to relax, revive, and stay in good health.

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