Are You Unknowingly Giving Out a Wrong Impression of Body Image to Your Children?


Body image is all about how we see ourselves in our mind’s mirror. It is more of a sentiment than a reality. The way we look, behave, talk, and react, makes our body image, and a lot of these images are nothing but how others perceive us. Likewise, sometimes even children get to judge themselves not based on their own perception but on how others see them or their parents think of them to be. It often happens that people pass remarks without knowing the long-run impact of those words on young minds. Consequently, the children receive a wrong impression of their body image and start believing in a so-called externally perceived image of themselves. These external remarks and judgments thereby also influence their own ways of evaluating themselves and turns into a problem.

At Gurukul The School, one of the leading private schools in Ghaziabad, we have seen that while every bit of remark may have an impact on the child’s mind, it is the remarks and the comments of their parents that impact them the most. Hence, as parents, you need to be careful about picking the right words while talking to your kids about their appearance, behavior, or even table manners. On that note, we have brought forth today some of the actions that you might be doing unintentionally but are possibly delivering an inappropriate sense of body image to your kids. Read on and take note to avoid these instances. 

Eating inappropriately at the dinner table

Table manners and healthy eating habits constitute eating habits. Munching loudly, talking at the top of your voice, or not maintaining decency while eating can be some of the wrong things to do over a dinner table. Considering a family dinner a daily activity that hardly requires any sophistication, we often skip the cardinals of eating rules.  But, your children sit with you at the same table and learn every bit you do over a meal. When they pick the wrong bits and repeat those in a public gathering, they receive negative repercussions. Consequently, they feel humored, bullied, or intimidated. All these can hit their self-esteem very hard to push it to reach its minimum.

Instructing about dieting to control weight

At Gurukul The School, we believe that while it is indeed good for the parents to stay aware of and conscious about their child’s health, always stressing about their body weight or shape is not the right thing to do. We understand that with fewer outdoor activities and more junk food on the diet list, obesity is gradually becoming a common problem for children. Hence, while you should always check on their kid’s weight gain, make it a point to never comment openly on their weight gain. Instead, you can tell your kids that the foods they are eating are giving out fewer nutrients and more calories while the ideal scenario should be otherwise. If they get the impression that they are getting fat and should follow a strict diet schedule to get in shape, they might feel disheartened, dejected, and ashamed of their shape and size. This could be extremely detrimental to their mental well-being.

We firmly believe that children see them through their parents’ eyes. Hence, let the reflection be a body-neutral one as your child is not all about what he/she looks like. Being shameful about one’s appearance can only trigger the feeling of vulnerability and low self-confidence. Abstain from inflicting such toxic ideas in your little one’s mind through your actions or words. 

Avoid negative body talk around your kids

If you do not wish to impart any negative body image to your kids, teach them the importance of owning a good heart. Do not continue with negative body talks around your kids and let them know that a person with a kind heart is far superior to a person with a perfect face or body. Let them understand the true meaning of humanity and compassion. If you would focus on the body detailing of people while discussing their character, your child would also learn to relate abilities with appearances.

At Gurukul The School, an esteemed private school in Ghaziabad, we believe that every child should learn to admire and appreciate the person within every human being. Just like we say that a book cannot be judged by its cover, a person cannot be judged by his/her appearance alone.

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