Awakening the Sense of Creation is Necessary for Ensuring Holistic Development of Kids


Creativity is the finest form of self-expression, and, there is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than letting children express themselves openly without the fear of judgment. The ability to be creative and to form something from personal experiences and feelings is a great way to reflect as well as nurture one’s emotional health. We, at Gurukul the School, believe that awakening the sense of creation offers children the freedom to truly commit themselves to the effort and make the most of whatever activity they are engaged in. It helps children to become more attuned to their inner self and intrinsic ideas, and that, in turn, helps us to understand their thoughts even better. Here are some of the reasons why we believe it is necessary to awaken the sense of creativity in children for ensuring their holistic development:

Helps in enhancing the motor skills of kids

When a child participates in a work of creation, be it painting or scribbling, the very aspect of holding the pencil or the brush serves to promote the growth of their fine motor skills. The complexity of the task increases as the child grows up and his motor skills improve in tandem. He/she will be then able to produce more structured and detailed work as the motor skills strengthen further.

A way of dealing with the inner thoughts and ideas

We understand that children cannot always identify their exact feelings to be able to put into words. Thus, when they are offered the chance of creating something, they are actually put in a better position to bring out those thoughts and ideas through their work.

Serves to enhance the learning abilities of children

A crucial part of developing the sense of creation lies in the child’s ability to learn and imbibe the ideas from the surroundings and the adults that he/she looks up to. In a bid to awaken the creative senses of our pupils, we, at Gurukul, aid in enhancing their learning abilities by making them better listeners who efficiently use the inputs in their work.

Development of problem-solving abilities

Creativity always requires a lot of thinking, and, it is this act that serves to develop their critical thinking ability. For instance, when the child wants to make sand castles, he will begin with the dry sand that he gets, only to realize that the sand must be a little wet for him to make that pretty castle.

Ensures social and emotional wellbeing

We, at Gurukul, believe that when we do not limit the bounds of creativity in kids, we basically allow them to have the time to explore and further enhance their imagination. By letting the kids try out new ideas and new ways of thinking, we can ensure that their emotional and social wellbeing is secured. After all, this way, the kids need not bottle up their thoughts and ideas inside them.

Articulation of language and expressions

When a child indulges in a creative pursuit, he/she also starts exploring new words and different feelings. The confidence to express themselves, which they get from their works of creation, eventually aid them in the articulation of language and expressions.

We, at Gurukul the School, a top ranking school in Ghaziabad, have always believed in celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each of our students, and for doing that, we provide them with excellent opportunities where they can put their inner creative self at work. Under the guidance of our experienced mentors and the constant motivation offered in our nurturing environment, we have always strived to encourage and empower the innate zeal of the kids to prosper. At Gurukul, we, through our innovative pedagogy and methodologies, always emphasize on boosting the creativity among the young minds, through which all-encompassing development of each of our students can be ensured.

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