Benefits of Team Sports for Kids That Go Beyond Physical Fitness


We all have grown up hearing that playing sports and being active is good for our physical health. From developing strong muscles to a healthy heart – the benefits are countless. But what if we tell you that the benefits of playing team sports extend beyond physical fitness? We at Gurukul The School, a top ranking school in Ghaziabad, firmly believe in the power of team sports for children, and we have witnessed how engaging in team sports help children not just grow physically well but rather aids in their holistic development. This is one of the prime reasons why we plan numerous team sports activities at our school to boost the overall growth of our pupils at various levels.

Today, through this blog post, we would like to spread the message loud and clear that beneath the shin guards and sports jerseys, team sports hold the power to instil life-enhancing skills in children. These skills can help your little ones build an unshakable character, rock-solid confidence, phenomenal communication skills, and stellar team-building skills, all of which can help kids sail on their path to success. If you think team sports are all about running around and staying fit, this blog post will make you pause, contemplate, and change your thoughts.

Listed below are some of the common benefits that children actively engaged in team sports have been found to be enjoying:

  • Increased Self-Esteem

Whether it’s a head nod or high-five with any team player, a quick thumbs up or a pat on the back – all these simple yet affirming powerful actions are perfect for boosting a child’s self-esteem. These acts might seem insignificant on the surface level, but their psychological impact is deep. All similar actions expressed during team sports act as gestures of approval or support from fellow players, making children feel good about themselves.

It significantly boosts their confidence while also helping them make new friends. Kids start feeling a sense of belonging and community while participating in team sports, eventually building up unshakable confidence. At Gurukul The School, we have seen our students transform from shy individuals to social butterflies with high confidence and a sense of self-worth – all owing to their engagement in team sports.

  • Resilience and Perseverance

The best part about team sports is that they teach children how to become resilient and perseverant in extreme challenges. It prepares them for their adult life waiting ahead. It is quite natural that while playing any team sport, losing a game can feel disheartening. But we can’t oversee the fact that these games help foster a true sense of team spirit in children while motivating them to explore their innate potential in the next growth opportunity. For example, if a young basketball or cricket team falls behind in a game, they can still come back and win by making determined, consistent efforts.

It teaches them the importance of making a comeback and how not to get bogged down with any defeat. Team sports are filled with such experiences, and when kids participate in such sports activities, they learn to face such situations up front. Eventually, they develop a resilient nature and a growth mindset, which is essential to bounce back from any setback or failure.

  • Sharp and Concise Communication

Effective, concise, and timely communication lies at the heart of team sports. Whether it is a team of five or twelve, every player has to effectively communicate with all the other players on the team, which is, in fact, necessary to ensure that everyone participates equally and actively. It makes it easier for introverts or shy kids to open up and communicate more freely and frequently. Moreover, by engaging in team sports, children learn to share their ideas, strategies, intentions, etc., with other team players to ensure they win the game.

While their communication may be limited to the playing field at initial stages, their ability to communicate eventually makes way outside the sports field. At Gurukul The School, we believe that constant participation in team sports can enable children to freely and confidently express their emotions, ideas, and perspectives, which greatly contributes to their personal and professional success.

  • Time Management and Discipline

Who doesn’t want to be highly successful at multitasking? Imagine making time for your favourite sports, household chores, work or academic responsibilities, etc., without losing sleep or getting burnt out. Maintaining a balance between all activities is possible through active participation in various team sports.

These activities make children more responsible as they begin carefully designing their daily routines, learning the art of prioritization, and multitasking. Juggling so many activities can seem daunting and tedious at the beginning, but they make children more organized, disciplined, and strategic thinkers. Thus, if your kid is new to team sports, see to it that you encourage and guide them to participate for their long-term benefits.


The physical benefits of team sports are enough talked about and discussed, but the cognitive benefits often get brushed under the carpet. Being one of the top ranking school in Ghaziabad, we would like the parents to understand that team sports hold just as much significance in your child’s life as academics because the former helps instil valuable life skills in children. From time management to multitasking, better communication to improved self-worth, kids benefit in multiple ways from engaging in team sports.

While our teachers at Gurukul The School always encourage students to actively participate in team sports, we urge the parents to encourage your kids to come forward and join their favourite team sports. It will significantly improve their social, cognitive, and mental skills while aiding their physical fitness. If your kids show reluctance, discuss the benefits of team sports or try incentivizing them to participate. The results will undoubtedly be magical!

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