Can Anxiety Seep into Young Minds?


Anxiety is a term that is often associated with adults. But do you know that even kids do not remain untouched from the grasp of anxiety? The fact is that since kids cannot emote every feeling in the same way as adults do, the obvious factors that are noticeable in adults vary among children. But that doesn’t mean that kids feel any different and should be left on their own.

Your child could be engulfed in anxiety and crumbling from within while you avoid it as a temper tantrum. It is hence important to take note of the situation in time and not let the problem aggravate any further. But before you get onto helping your child fight the anxiety issues, do you know what exactly is pushing the kid into the depths of anxiety? Read on to understand the various reasons that might be giving rise to anxiety issues in your children.

Triggers of anxiety among children

There are a lot of factors that might be contributing to cropping up anxiety in your young ones. These factors may range from health issues to environmental inappropriateness and serve as the triggers for anxiety. Let’s have a look at them below.

  • Inherent

Anxiety can be inherent in children whose family tree has many individuals with an anxiety disorder. This stems from the traits inherited from parents and is manageable once diagnosed properly. 

  • Aura

Kids tend to mimic the surroundings in their early years. If they are always canvassed by pessimistic, depressed, and anxious people, they catch up on the anxious behavior easily. 

  • Family Troubles

Kids are generally loved right from the moment they are born. But that may not be the case for every child as different families have different parenting methods. Kids that belong to families that are constantly arguing and fighting with each other cannot vent out their emotions to their parents. This suppression leads to anxiety and fear of being left out. 

  • Death

Kids do not understand the convolutions of human life. To them, everything seems eternal, and they want it to stay that way. Death is difficult for them to comprehend, and the loss of a parent, grandparents, loved ones that are immensely close to them can leave a grave hole in their heart. Not being able to see and live with them anymore, kids slowly succumb to anxiety. 

  • Illness

Like death, illness is also difficult to understand from a kid’s viewpoint. If the kids are gravely hurt in an accident or are born deformed, the inability to look and work like other kids may demoralize them. Anxiety and depression of being visibly different from other kids can scar a kid’s mind forever. 

  • Abuse

Frequent domestic abuse by parents or family members is also a common trigger of anxiety in children. Drunk spouses direct their failures on kids and partners, and if there is no greater authority present in the residence, kids also become a part of it. Sexual abuse by elders is also a transgression that kids cannot understand that traumatizes a kid for life.

The most effective remedies to deal with anxiety

For kids, dealing with anxiety is only possible when they share every experience with their parents or guardians. It is hence important that kids must be taught to never hide things from their guardians. Also, focus should be laid on building a constructive environment for kids to learn and grow.

At Gurukul The School, regarded as the Top CBSE School in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that, like every disorder, it is crucial to identify the root cause of anxiety before you can work on treating it. Once the reason is tracked down, you can work out accordingly. Resorting to morale-boosting exercises and creating a positive environment often work well in instilling the much-needed confidence in kids and help them stay aloof from any anxiety issues.

In our years of mentoring and educating the young minds, we, at Gurukul The School, have seen that when kids are provided with a loving and nurturing environment, where even the minutest of their things are heard and responded to, kids grow into more resilient and confident individuals. This is why, at Gurukul, we have always laid special emphasis on providing our fledglings with a highly encouraging and empowering environment where they are prepared for not only attaining academic brilliance, but their creativity and individuality are sharpened as well. The outcome is well-groomed, strong, confident individuals capable of registering huge feats in life.

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