Can Play and Learning Go Hand in Hand


Children are intrinsically drawn to fun and games, and this nature of them can be well-understood in the way they long to hit the playground or meet their friends after a few hours of homework and revisions. But, truth be told, their busy schedules and increasing competition, at times, does not let the kids freely express and indulge in this natural behavior. However, playing has an important role to play in the lives of the young ones not just because it gives an opportunity to enjoy and relax. It is something that can also aid in their learning procedure, provided it is blended in such a manner in their study schedules.

We have all heard the very popular proverb “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.” According to bestselling author and parenting expert Jessica Joelle Alexander, this proverb has quite an extent of truth to it. Playing has an important purpose in the development of children, and thus, it needs to be an important consideration for educators and parents, in terms of the education of the kids.

The amalgamation of playing and learning and its effects

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that formal education along with a host of structured activities tend to take children away from their natural interest in playing. In the process, it only ends up making learning a boring process that the kids no longer put their heart into. After all, if you consider the fact that children are just made to come to school every day, attend one period after another, sit with books and copies for hours, and then send back home to repeat the same process next day, it surely feels quite monotonous. Now consider the scenario where children come to school, they are taken to the garden outside for a lesson, and then, they are given interactive games and props to play with for the next study period. It is natural for kids to feel excited in such a scenario, and, they will not just feel excited about coming to school every day but also look forward to the lessons that await them.

The demand of the times in bringing together playing and learning

Gone are those days when blackboards, study notes, and long lectures were the only methods known to schools to offer education to the young minds. The world has undergone a sea-change since those times, and children today have access to multiple ways of entertaining themselves. In such a scenario, subjecting them to the earlier methods of studying will surely make them lose interest. Thus, it will not be an exaggeration to say that incorporating various games and activities in the process of studying is the only way available to make learning interesting and attention-grabbing.

Ensuring that ideas are embedded in the young minds

The concepts that the children learn through the books are surely learnt well, but the probability of those lessons being embedded in the young minds increases remarkably when they actually learn it through all fun and games. When play and learning are made to go hand in hand, children can see the practical application of the lessons that their teachers impart, and we believe, there’s no better way to ingrain an idea in the young minds.

At Gurukul The School, regarded as the top most school in Ghaziabad, we have always been firm believers in the fact that play and learning can go hand in hand provided they are blended well in the curriculum. Through the aid of our experienced mentors and teachers, we have successfully made that possible, and the results of that are well-evident in the enthusiasm, development, and progress of our students. A vivid range of activities on offer at our school ensures that learning turns into an organic and stimulating procedure, where each student is a zealous participant.

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