Career Options Post Completion of XII Boards in Science


The end of the board exams for class 12th brings in a lot of mixed feelings in the young minds. On one hand, there is the tinge of sorrow staining your hearts as you bid goodbye to your school forever, and on the other hand, there is a constant worry about the career options that you need to decide among right now. The fact of the matter is, regardless of the stream that you have, the career options nowadays are simply too many to choose from. As such, being a student of science, you can always opt for the fields of engineering and medicine, or go for something a bit different, such as pharmaceutical studies or dentistry.

We, at GurukulThe School, believe that though the options are galore, you should not let that confuse or cloud your judgment. This is one of the most crucial times of your life, and there should be absolutely no scope for doubt left in your mind. Make sure you discuss with your elders and mentors and run a self-assessment of your aptitudes and likings before zeroing in on the career path. To help you further in making a decision, the following is a brief overview of the trending career paths for the students of science right now.

A Career in Medicine

If you are someone who has always had a knack for biology, then a career in medicine might just be your calling in life. It is not like you can only opt for a degree in allopathic medicine via taking the route to MBBS. You also have the option of getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurveda, dentistry, optometrist, nursing, and the likes.

Engineering Courses

Those of you who have always been the happiest solving those math equations, the chemical formulas, or the intricacies of Physics, are the perfect candidates for a career in engineering. Do your bit of research and choose from the options, such as Aeronautical, Mechanical, Civil, Marine, Information Technology, Bio-Medical, Electronics and Telecommunication, and many others that are evergreen and hold a huge potential for endowing you with lucrative job opportunities later on.

Forensic Sciences

Forensic science is the branch of science that deals with the investigation of crime and crime scenes. Have those thrillers and page turners always fascinated you? Well, with a degree in forensic sciences, you can get tobe a part of those investigations! There are varied divisions in forensic sciences as well, for instance, cybercrimes, ballistics, computer forensics, and fingerprints.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

For a career in pharmaceutical sciences, you will have to opt for B. Pharm followed by M. Pharm. You can become a research scientist or a lecturer after getting the degree. Another good course for the pharmaceutical sciences is D. Pharm. The graduates of pharmaceutical studies are in huge demand, both in the country and abroad.

Agricultural Sciences

In an agrarian country like India, the courses on agricultural sciences will always be in vogue. One can easily look for government jobs after doing a course in this field. The scope of agricultural sciences is ever-increasing, and, you will also get to avail jobs in the private sector.

The Other Important Career Options Post Class 12th

Choosing science for your +2 does not mean you will have to stick to strictly this field after boards. You can also take a look at all the diversified career options that lie in store nowadays. If you are someone who wants to opt for a career in teaching, research, or the administrative services, you need to get a degree in B.Sc. and then prepare yourself for the opportunities that await you. You can also go absolutely offbeat from your chosen stream and go for other courses like fashion designing or architecture. Remember, that you are responsible for the choices you make, and, as long as you are ready to work hard, you can shine in any field that you choose.

At GurukulThe School, ranked among the Top Five Schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that every child comes with the inherent potential to shine the brightest in the field that they choose and all they need is hard work and motivation. With the constant support from the parents and the mentors, our children are sure to make us proud in any career path that they decide upon in life.

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