Children and Learning Styles


How to teach and how to learn has been two of the most common questions in the minds of the educators and children since the longest time. We have seen, right from the time when we were children, that every teacher has his or her distinctive way of teaching the class. Similarly, the learning style of every student is different, and, it is crucial to ensure the application of the right learning style to make sure that knowledge is effectively imparted to the young ones. Having said that, it is also important to mention that students do not really possess a singular style of learning that can be enforced and followed upon as the solution to all problems. We, at Gurukul The School, have seen that children learn the best when knowledge is imparted through a perfect amalgamation of various learning styles.

Besides, it is also worth mentioning that when teachers continue to use solely one mode of learning, surely the syllabus for the term can be finished, but the process of gaining knowledge turns into a rather difficult and monotonous one for the children. Thus, we believe that the learning potential of the kids can be maximized only when lessons are imparted in a combination of the three major learning styles enumerated below:

Visual or spatial learning style

Visual or spatial learning style refers to the use of pictures and images to offer a clear understanding of the size, area, and position of various objects. It aids children in the assimilation of knowledge through observation and is indeed held as one of the most powerful learning styles. Visual learners are the ones who have a clear and creative perception of the surroundings, and thus, when they observe any object closely, they are able to absorb the details clearly about an object.It is all about remembering and repeating the visual detailing with utmost accuracy.

Auditory or verbal style

The auditory pattern of learning is a highly preferred form of learning among the kids since you can easily notice how they are intrinsically drawn towards what others are saying. Children are usually quick to pick up the linguistic skills through this style of learning, such as expertise in expressing themselves through both writing and speaking. For enforcing the auditory style of learning, it is important that the kids are explained orally in a manner that aids them in remembering and recapitulating information at a later stage. Auditory style of learning also enhances the listening capabilities of the young ones since it requires them to listen with close attention to grasp the subject matter properly.

Kinesthetic or physical style

The kinesthetic form of learning, also known as tactile learning, is that style which helps children to learn through physical activities. It emphasizes on experiential learning techniques whereby kids are allowed to engage in activities like games, performing experiments, going on tours and excursions, and the likes, so as to ensure that they get an actual feel of the facts that they are to learn. Partaking in such activities helps kids master the topics that might have felt too complex when relied only on the visual and verbal style of learning.

We, at GurukulThe School, a top rating school in Ghaziabad, have always been the institution which pays heed to the interests and needs of its pupils in delivering the best possible learning opportunity for them. To that end, we have effectively incorporated in our teaching methodology all the three styles of learning that are preferred by the children. The audio-visual aids and e-learning techniques used by us take care of the visual and auditory styles of learning. The usage of the auditory style of learning in the finest manner is also ensured by our experienced and dedicated teachers through their classroom lectures. Furthermore, we have laid out a plethora of activities and games at Gurukul that enables our children to make the most of their abilities towards kinesthetic form of learning. Combining it all together, we, at GurukulThe School, have left no stones unturned when it comes to ensuring that our students can shine in all their brilliance, just as they are meant to be.

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