Common Parental Mistakes that Affect Academic Development of Children


Parents remain the pillars of support for every child’s growth and development. The parent’s way of upbringing, disciplining, and supporting children has a cumulative effect on their social behaviours, academic performance, and psychological stability. However, sometimes, parents in their effort to pamper their children, unknowingly get involved in certain mistakes that can have a lasting impact on the tender mind of their wards. This further affects their academic performance adversely.

We, at Gurukul The School, understand that parenting in today’s time is like a doozy emotional routine, with a chockfull of highs and lows. As such, unintentional parental mistakes are no wonder to occur. But knowing about these mistakes can definitely put you in a better position to avoid them in future. Hence, here sharing with you a few mistakes that are most commonly committed by parents, which thereby turns out to be detrimental to their child’s learning and academic development.

Hyper Parenting

Some parents are so over-involved with their kids’ success and failure, they do anything to prevent them from experiencing pains and hardships. This kind of hyper parenting can hurt the learning and development process of children and keep them deprived of their independence and autonomy. When parents are too demanding, they tend to protect their children from making mistakes, believing that they are pushing them towards success. But in reality, they are not giving them the needed space to grow and are merely concentrated on the ‘whatsoever’ accomplishment. Hence, instead of keeping the children always under control, allow them to be individualistic and let them take risks so that they learn to respond from the consequences.

Focusing Too Much on Academics

Grades and scores are important, but it is surely not the measure of success. Being too coercive with the child’s academic performance and ignoring the other talents altogether can cause aversion towards studies and impact their performance at school. Excelling in academics is not the only thing through which a child can succeed. A mix of academics, extracurricular activities, and life skills development is what children ideally need to attain success. When parents pressurize children towards academics and stifle their innate talents, it tends to backfire their academic progress in the later years.


Today’s parents remain too eager to work for their kids and tend to micromanage each and every aspect of their academic routine. Everything from homework to assignments and curricular activities is done under the constant supervision of the parents, which makes the kids completely dependent on the parents. This kind of micromanaging might get them the academic success in the budding years of schooling, but in the long run, it would be detrimental to their academic development, as children, in such cases, lose their own sense of independence and confidence to handle academic tasks. Kids who are micromanaged by their parents in the early years experience greater difficulty in self-learning. They lack self-drive and motivation in studies, have trouble in self-governing their academic needs, and most importantly, remain emotionally immature to handle the learning process. It is hence necessary for parents to raise children to be self-reliant and independent so that they can succeed on their own without anyone lording over them. This fetches them greater feats in the later years of life.

Disregarding Learning Problems

Parents sometimes tend to ignore their child’s learning difficulties, and they acknowledge the same only when they come face to face with the larger academic and behavioural problems. Even the smartest kid can experience difficulties in memorizing, organizing, processing, and can have sensory issues as well. These underlying complications are often left unnoticed by parents in early childhood years and make their academic learning experience more painful and exhausting later. It is hence the responsibility of parents to evaluate their children’s abilities at the earliest, and if needed, find a solution for even their slightest difficulty in learning.

At Gurukul The School, positioned among the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, we have always strived to bring about the holistic development of our pupils, for which we believe adequate support from the parents is of prime necessity. All our approaches, teaching methodologies, and pedagogy focus on making the children active, independent, and outperforming in all aspects of academic and extracurricular spheres. However, we firmly believe that if parents can extend their support and guidance in the right way to their wards, then they can surely grow into confident, well-disciplined, and successful individuals.

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