Creativity & Curiosity Form the Vital Attributes for Engrossed Learning


Have you ever paid attention to your child’s expressions when you offer them a new toy? Don’t they get all excited about it? They can spend hours exploring and playing with it and even find new ways to play with it that you would have never thought. Ever wondered why do they do that?

Well, that’s because children are born learners and are very curious from a very young age. When you let them explore a new area, you are actually helping them with the resources they need to think creatively. 

Creativity is basically the ability to recognize new possibilities and alternatives that can be useful for communication, generating new ideas, solving problems, etc.  Encouraging your child to get creative can also help build their curiosity, and this thereby lays the path got them to grow and learn different skills.

As per studies, there are several benefits that your kids may experience if they are encouraged to be creative and curious: 

  • Being creative and curious helps your child in self-exploration and opens several opportunities and new possibilities to them. 
  • Creativity also helps kids overcome stress and find a hobby that keeps them engrossed for hours.  
  • It helps them feel confident and make their own choices.
  • It also helps children develop different approaches to problem-solving and helps build their imagination. 
  • With good creativity and curiosity, you can help your child be engrossed in their learning which will help their concentration skills.
  • It develops problem-solving skills, encourages imagination and curiosity, and improves intelligence, which is the key to a young mind’s learning development.

We, at Gurukul The School, one of the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, believe that creativity & curiosity together form the vital attributes for engrossed learning for children. So, today, in this article below, we have brought for you some of the easy yet effective techniques you could apply to spark creativity and raise the curiosity levels in your kids. Read on.

  • Engage them in creative activities

Creative activities are always fun and knowledgeable for children. For example, counting pieces can help them learn fundamental math. Giving them a paintbrush can help them expand their wings of imagination. Offering them to play with puzzles builds their problem-solving skills.  By playing creative and sensory games with your child, you can further help boost their creative thinking skills.

  • Attend to all of their questions

Developing curiosity helps children learn and grow continuously. When they are curious about a particular concept, they are more likely to think more about that and question things around that. Your role, as a parent, in this regard, is to take the effort to patiently answer their queries and help solve their doubts. You can also discuss the topic with your kids and make them open to learning new things. This way, they are more likely to be interested in that topic and remember the information learned. 

  • Allow them to explore their interests

By offering new opportunities for your child to explore, you will see them showing much higher interest in a lot of things. This is where you should give them the freedom to experiment with activities they are interested in. Encourage them to express themselves openly because if a child is interested and curious, it will help them get engrossed and learn new things. 

All in all, keep in mind that your children will develop an urge to indulge in learning when they find you, their parents, their role models, being curious and creative yourselves. Trust us, no amount of verbal encouragement can drive them as much towards learning as seeing their parents involved in something wearing the creative shoes on. No wonder, child psychologists from around the world insist so much on parental engagement in the learning process of children.

At Gurukul The School, one of the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that a curious child is the one tinkering with questions, which is, in fact, a quality you will find in almost all children. It is this very trait of being curious for even the simplest of things that is actually the attribute, which, if nurtured properly, can take them onto the road to exploration and accomplishment. At our school, we always encourage our pupils to approach their teachers as and when any question pops up in their mind. If you, the parents, can too join the wagon, we are certain that we would together be able to light up many different areas of their imagination, and this would help prep them up for putting their hands on huge successes in life ahead.

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