Crucial Life Skills That the Pandemic Has Taught Us


“Tough times don’t define you. They refine you.”

Turbulent waters teach the sailors the actual skills to keep the ship afloat. So has been the experience of humanity throughout the journey that morphed the humans from nomads to the modern-day settlers. Challenges teach to cope with hardships, and a lesson thus learned is never forgotten easily. The latest COVID-19 pandemic has startled the world with its draconian impacts on human health and lives. However, we, at Gurukul The School, strongly believe that every negative comes with some positive aspects of it as well. We just have to be capable of pointing out those positives. The COVID-19 pandemic has also taught us some valuable life lessons. So, in this article today, let us have a look at some of the positive and vital life skills that this pandemic has taught us.

Washing hands is an essential

Even the elementary level books teach us that washing hands is a must. But, we generally tend to take it as merely a preaching. In fact, we forget to exercise or practise this habit religiously until the COVID-19 broke out. We instruct kids to follow the rule of health and hygiene strictly while we ourselves sometimes forget to follow those. However, with COVID-19 pandemic looming ahead of us, we have now learned how important this one practice could be in maintaining overall health and keeping the body safe from foreign elements like pathogens. The alkali present in soaps can easily obliterate the microorganisms present on our hands while washing, which, in turn, helps to ensure that we stay safe from any bacterial or viral infections.

Keeping distance in public

Gatherings and associations have been an age-old practice in our society. Humans are social animals and depend on social gatherings to nurture mutual bonds. However, COVID-19 pandemic has proved that interacting is good only when a healthy distance is maintained between two people. Social distancing has emerged as the new norm of socialising and free mixing. Surely this practice will keep us safe from the infectious diseases that spread through touching among the crowds.

Cleaning and sanitizing

World Health Organization has already made it clear that sanitizing the regular-use objects, keeping the garments clean, and maintaining the standard rules of hygiene are a must to stay away from the grasp of the deadly virus causing the worldwide pandemic. Even though none of these is new to us, we have never followed these practices sincerely until COVID-19 started infecting people randomly. Hence, practising the hygiene habits religiously is an obvious lesson that the pandemic has re-introduced us to.

Hammering the notion of separation

 It is always in the face of difficulty that we understand the true meaning of unity and togetherness. Though humans have maintained a sense of separation since long, the pandemic has taught us that we all are nothing but just humans, and no boundaries make us different. We at Gurukul The School, one among the leading schools near Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad, have always believed that the world is more of a global village and we all are the residents of the same planet. This pandemic has reconfirmed that challenges are best resolved together. Hence, standing hand in hand and nurturing solidarity are some of the things that this pandemic has made us rethink on.

The times surely seem tough. But the need of the hour is to rise up and fight back hard. We, at Gurukul The School, hence urge our parents fraternity to try and look at the positive side of the lockdown and instill the same positivity among the children as well. Consider these tough times as an opportunity to teach the kids some of the crucial life skills that would make the little ones more efficient in dodging the hurdles of life. Never forget that the night appears the darkest just before the dawn. Hence, keep hope and faith in your heart, and we shall surely overcome.

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