Dealing With Temper Tantrums in Young Kids


All parents love their kids to the core and even cherish their silly frenzy as well. However, at times, it so happens that children go on testing the patience of the parents, and one such common situation is when the kids begin to throw temper tantrums.

So, how do you deal with the situation? You know these negative moods are also a part of the growing-up phase of your kids. But, when you deal with these situations carefully and ensure the kid’s needs are looked into, you will be in a far better position to channelize their physical and mental energies in the right direction.

So today, in this article below, we, at Gurukul The School, will shed light on what temper tantrums are, how to handle such behavior issues in kids, and what are the various ways to make your kid get the right temperament. Read on.

How do psychologists describe temper tantrums in young kids?

Kids generally throw tantrums upon getting frustrated over not getting their way in a situation. best school in ghaziabad Besides, children also throw temper tantrums when they realize their limitations in any task. Such scenarios end up in an outburst of various forms, such as yelling, crying uncontrollably, throwing objects at will, or hitting other children in anger.

Though such behavior is commonly termed as ‘bad,’ child psychologists explain it as something more related to their ‘still growing’ brain. As per Ray Levy, Clinical Psychologist, young kids lack the skills to cope with situations. Thus, the most natural response they could give is to throw a temper tantrum.

How should you, as a parent, react in such a situation?

Always keep in mind that your kid does not intend to make you angry or make you feel embarrassed in front of others. In fact, they aren’t aware of any such things! Moreover, temper tantrums in young kids do not symbolize bad parenting in any way. And though there are no such sure-shot ways to help control temper tantrums in kids, there certainly are some simple habits that you can follow to encourage polite behavior in them.

  • Follow the same time for their daily activities – You need to organize a daily routine so that your child knows his/her schedule and what to expect. Set a specific time for playing, studying, napping, and all the other activities that the child generally engages in, while keeping a little cushion in time here and there. This will help them prepare themselves mentally for the activity, and as such, the probability of them throwing temper tantrums would be reduced by manifold.
  • Give options to your child to make a choice – Let the child make the decision in certain matters. Avoid dominating them unnecessarily in situations where they can be allowed to make a choice. For instance, if they feel nice about putting on a shirt or a dress that befits the occasion, respect their decision.
  • Praise their good acts and behavior – Give them credit when they behave properly in family events or perform well in school competitions. However, make sure that the appreciation need not always be materialistic. Rather than making them indulge in the habit of receiving material gifts whenever they do something good, offer verbal appreciation, a pat on the back, and moral encouragement. best school in ghaziabad This would help them understand the difference between good and bad and what’s acceptable and what’s not.

At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that childhood is the phase when children are still learning not just about the world around them but also a lot of things about them. They still have a lot of emotions that they have no understanding about. As such, the only way to put across their discomfort in any scenario is to throw tantrums and cry.

Thus, while kids are not in a position to understand what’s happening to them and how it would affect the others around them, it is important that parents take control of the situation. Make sure that you give your kids ample chances to put across their thoughts and teach them the right ways to do that in a pleasing way. If you succeed in doing the same, then their physical and mental energies will get directed towards learning the right things. This will make your little ones attain a better understanding of self, and they will gradually learn the apt way to take on the various challenges of life.

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