Digital Literacy Taking Over as a Vital Skill for 21st-Century Kids


The onset of the 21st century has changed plenty of dimensions in the education system. From pedagogy to learning methodologies, from turning classroom education into interactive sessions to introducing experiential learning beyond the textbook, the entire education industry is going through a progressive change since last few years. And one of the recent additions to its relentless progress has been the inclusion of digital literacy in the main curriculum at the primary level.

Earlier, computer education and digital literacy were considered to be important for older students. But, with the changing standards of the education domain and the world becoming more adaptive to digital technologies, digital literacy is taking its course forward, reshaping the vital skills of the kids as well. Here, in this article today, let us have a look at some of the ways in which digital literacy is creating an indelible impact on the lives of the kids and is becoming essential day by day.

Digital tools: A big-time aid for learning

We, at Gurukul The School, along with many other leading schools of the nation, have already adopted smart learning tools to make the learning sessions more interactive and exciting for kids. With smart boards replacing the traditional blackboards in schools, students get introduced and acquainted with the modern-most technologies from their early years.  Hence to make the students feel at home and not alien to the entire process, it is becoming increasingly important to make them digitally literate right from a young age.

Knowledge acquisition has become a seamless process

Learning and education is a dynamic and seamless process. And this makes us at, Gurukul, believe that even when the young minds step out of the classroom, the process of learning must not come to an end. Nowadays, with the internet connection available everywhere and smart devices being abundant, staying connected with the never-ending process of learning has become even easier and much more feasible. Unlike earlier, a child can now effortlessly look for essential information and reading material online, even when he/she is out of the school. Hence, the process of honing academic skills never stops for digitally equipped children.

The student-teacher connection has surpassed the boundaries

In today’s world, web-based classes have become a regular occurrence owing to the pandemic. But for that, it is important that children are well conversant with how to operate the digital platforms so as to connect with the class, peers, and the teachers seamlessly. Hence, no matter if the school is open or not, digital literacy can keep the process of learning, evaluation, and enrichment going without any unintended halt. Through technologies like cloud computing, progress analysis and report making of the students can be done easily by the teachers. This means that the student-teacher connection remains aloof even when the physical touch has gone missing.

Individual pace is honoured

Every student is different, and they have varying levels of learning potential. While some children learn very fast, some take a little more time to get a grasp of the lesson. A unilateral learning procedure might not, therefore, be adequate for everyone. E-learning offers flexibility in learning, which, in turn, makes learning at one’s own pace possible and feasible. Children thereby feel relieved and can enjoy their learning sessions instead of feeling burdened or pressurized. And, who can deny that learning under pressure is not an ideal way of learning at all?

We, at Gurukul The School, ranked among the Top CBSE Schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, have always believed that learning and education in its true form should be free from stress and be as progressive as possible. This is why we imbibe every available technology with our process of teaching to make the learning experience of the students wholesome yet fun-filled. From our laboratories to libraries, we keep the digital devices, computers, and internet connectivity integrated to make the whole world a place to learn from for our students.

According to market speculations, digital learning is the future of the education industry. And with our innovative pedagogy and modern-world teaching practices, we, at Gurukul The School, are making sure that all our students grow into individuals who can be a perfect fit for the future professional world.

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