Easy Ways to Build Math Skills in Your Pre-schooler


Math is one subject that most children detest and run away from. You must have often encountered questions from your children like “Why is Math important in life?” or “Why do we have to do this Math at all!!” But no matter how much the subject is hated, the fact is that math comes to our aid in all walks of life and is thus indeed necessary. It is for sure a subject worth learning. Right from managing your finances, engaging in problem-solving, to making a difference in the career you choose, math as a subject is indispensable.

So, as parents, how do you deal with developing your child’s interest in this subject? The key lies in adopting the right approach! Believe it or not, no amount of scolding or strictness can help kids understand the mathematical concepts the way a little dose of fun can do.

So today, we, at Gurukul The School, recognized among the top ranking schools in Ghaziabad, have brought forth for you some fun and exciting ways that will help build your little one’s interest in the subject of Math.

  • Make use of their innate love for playing:

Most children are inseparable from their toys and games. As such, one of the best ways for developing your child’s interest in learning math is to merge learning with play. For instance, let us say your child has a fascination with cars. What you can do here is to arrange these cars in a row and make your little one count the cars. This would work as some fun number lessons on the go.

  • Help them connect math with their daily activities:

From the minute your child wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he engages in multiple routine activities. You just have to help your child establish a connection between these activities that he does daily and mathematics. Use tasks like setting the table to introduce your child to different shapes. Likewise, the serving activity can act as a medium of counting numbers, say four bread slices, two pieces of apple, etc.

  • Introduce them to math-driven books:

You can easily get your hands on an array of books, the focal point of which is the subject of mathematics. These books address Math in a way that the child starts getting curious about the subject. They speak highly of the subject and unveil concepts in a way that children are likely to easily link back upon.

  • Let them indulge in various math-based games:

Allow your children to indulge in math-based games to deepen their interest in numbers. These games do not just teach kids to count and identify numbers but also give their confidence a much-needed boost the moment they win a round of play. Dice games like ludo and snakes and ladders, shape wheels, and jellybeans are some of the games in this regard that children would love to engage in.

  • Conversational mathematics:

You as a parent can have math-based conversations with your child or can also encourage similar conversations between a bunch of pre-schoolers who otherwise play together. For instance, if you have a box of cookies, you can simply make a statement like, I have four cookies in the box, I am planning to give two to you post-dinner, how many would be left behind in the box? These are ways of making your little one scratch his head to come up with answers without even realizing that he is actually sharpening his computation skills.

At Gurukul The School, one of the top ranking schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that when it comes to kids, the best way to teach them anything is to help them find the fun element hidden in the learning part. The same goes for teaching them mathematics as well. When they get to learn new things by being involved and also enjoy the process of learning, they naturally show interest in engaging in the learning process. And this is when you no longer have to push them into learning math, but they would get involved in the learning process willingly and enthusiastically.

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