Effective Ways to Teach How to Spell to Your Little Ones


So, your young genius is already somewhat of a math whiz for whom no sum seems difficult enough. She might also be a budding artist with all that painting skills she is picking up so fast. But, when it comes to knowing the right sequence of letters to form a word, it seems your little bee just can’t spell that efficiently. We, at Gurukul The School, regarded as the Best School in Ghaziabad, can assure you that there is nothing to worry because it’s not just your kid facing this issue.

It is completely natural for kids to struggle a bit with spellings or to take a longer time than usual to learn and understand spellings. In fact, you would be surprised to hear that we have seen more kids struggle with spellings during the early years than with any other subject matter. And, with that in mind, we have brought to you today some of the simple and effective ways through which you can try to teach spelling to the little ones at home.

Try the flashcards technique to help them learn

Use cards where you write the word you are teaching them on one side and the definition of the word on the opposite side. Ask them to guess the word by looking at the definition and spell it out loud or write down its spelling.

Ask them to spot the words through magazines and books

Tell your kids five to six words from the page of a book and ask them to find and circle out these words on that page. You can also give your children to solve those ‘hunt the words’ games that come in kids’ magazines.

Create lotus pad letters for them to try and form words

Cut out papers to create lotus pads and ask the kids to contribute by coloring the pads and writing out a single letter on each pad. Now, ask them to form as many words as they can from the options of letters in front of them.

The old technique of tracing, copying, and repeating

This is an old method that probably we’ve all practiced as kids. Put three columns on a page labelled trace, copy, and recall. Let your child trace the letters over the dotted lines in the first column, copy it on the second, and try to recall it on the third column.

Involve the act of learning spellings in your everyday activities

Bring the act of repeating spellings in your everyday activities. Suppose you are walking down the stairs with your kid. Add a letter to a word with each step. For instance, start with ‘b,’ then ‘bo,’ followed by ‘bot,’ and so on for the word ‘bottle.’

Group the words with similar patterns and not similar themes

We, at Gurukul The School, would like to advise you that instead of putting the focus on teaching spellings having similar themes, such as days of the weeks or months in a year, try to teach them words with similar patterns or sounds. Trust us, it’ll be a lot easier to teach ‘name, fame, and tame’ than ‘January, February, March.’

Search online for fun and exciting spelling games for kids

Go through the app store and find out some age-appropriate spelling games for the kids. Make sure to check the interface and difficulty levels yourself first, and then, introduce it to the kids to let them learn spellings the fun way.

We can assure you that learning spellings will not be too difficult for them if you keep up the efforts and they are excited and dedicated towards it. And, with the ongoing lockdown period going on, let’s use this time to train our little buds well!

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