Enabling Children to Widen their Intellectual Boundaries


Intellectual development among children is characterized by how different mental processes, such as inferring information, attention span, reasoning, remembering, learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities, develop and grow. It relates to the development of logical reasoning among kids, in relation to their age group. We, at Gurukul The School, believe that childhood is the most crucial stage for the development of intellectual abilities, and the skills and ideas that they gather at this stage are only honed and improved as the age progresses.

Our years of being in the arena of education has shown us that the intellectual and cognitive development of a child is marked by certain patterns and activities that need to be recognized and developed. When a child takes his or her first steps in the world of education, his/her language skills and mental prowess are already under the process of development. It is up to us to further sharpen those skills and give the children a proper direction whereby they can put their abilities to the best use. Here’s how we, at Gurukul, enable our pupils to widen their intellectual boundaries through our initiatives:

Developing problem-solving skills

We understand that developing problem solving skills during the formative years of the children can be really helpful for them throughout their life. To that end, we encourage our children to partake in various brain games, puzzles, and board games, among other activities. Our experienced trainers always encourage the budding minds to come up with unique ideas, while patiently listening and aiming to understand the inherent potential in each child. We have always noticed how enthusiastically and excitedly our children wait for such sessions with their teachers and trainers, and therein, lies the success of our efforts.

Improving their attention span

A common notion that goes around when it comes to children is that they have the attention span of a goldfish. However, we believe that this idea is not something that we need to hold true since we can always attempt to increase their attention span through our efforts. Increasing the attention span plays a pivotal role in cognitive development in the children. Thus, it is best to make those efforts during their growing years itself, or else, the habit of having a short attention span turns out to be a problem in the long run. The extent of attention that a child pays depends on how much he/she is enjoying the task at hand, regardless of whether it is the academics or extracurricular activities. Whether it is taking an experiential approach to academics, or placing new and interesting challenges for the extracurricular activities, we always strive to keep it engaging for our children.

Enhancing memory and retention

Memory is a complex procedure, and this is exactly why we, at GurukulThe School, employ a range of strategies to help our students improve their retention abilities. One of the foremost steps taken by us in this regard is delivering audio-visual and experiential learning experiences. We understand that simply rote learning of facts from the textbooks never helps in retaining the info for long-term since there is no mental stimulation in this case. Taking a practical approach to teaching the ideas and lessons helps in deep-seated instilling of information in the young minds in such a way that it is never forgotten again.

As one of the premier educational institutes of the nation and one among the Top Five Schools in Ghaziabad, we, GurukulThe School, have always aimed to nurture each of our students in a way that ensures their holistic development. We not just aim to enhance their intellectual acumen, but rather, hope to make sure that it extends and enhances to the best of their capacities.

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