Excitement, Purpose, and Motivation should be the Core Elements of School Education


The ultimate aim of school education is to increase student productivity and bring in a holistic development in the children that prepares and leads them on their future paths in life. The key to increasing their productivity and ensuring development lies in increasing their desire to learn. We, at Gurukul The School, one among the leading schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, firmly believe that this desire to seek more and learn more is something that is inherent in every child. The need is to advance this desire and not let it go away forever in piling up of boredom and monotony.

At Gurukul Crossings, we have created a blend of contemporary and modern approaches to education, which means that the students are never bogged down by rote learning, but rather the focus is laid on diversifying the ways of knowledge exchange to motivate and excite the young ones. Through all these years that we have spent educating the fledgling minds, we have observed that when the core elements of school education are taken as excitement, purpose, and motivation, nothing can limit the scope of progression of a child. So, on that note, let us delve deeper into these three crucial aspects of school education:

The excitement to learn something new and different everyday

When teachers seek to engage and excite students about education, learning becomes an organic process that children enthusiastically participate in, rather than needing to be goaded into. This is the prime reason why we, at Gurukul Crossings, regularly provide our students with opportunities to foster their creativity and to bring in their academic progression effectively. The use of digital implements, multimedia, and various other educational tools that enable the students to learn something new everyday also forms a crucial part of keeping children excited about learning at Gurukul. Excitement, as a core element of learning, pertains to active learning opportunities where students are involved in doing things and thinking deeply about the activities they are partaking in.

The motivation for continued learning and sustained progression

Motivation to learn is all about empowering the young ones to attain higher levels of performance by embracing their fortes and overcoming their flaws. It is the driving factor of control, guidance, and persistence in children, without which they tend to lose interest in their studies. When the children are motivated towards learning, they pay keen attention towards knowledge attainment, begin working on the tasks immediately, ask questions, willingly interact, and generally seem to be eager about whatever is taught to them. Brilliant performance and continued progression are, thus, assured when children are motivated to learn.

Realizing and attaining the true purpose of school education

Education, even when it is at the beginners’ stage, comes with certain purposes, like ensuring an all-encompassed development of the budding minds, realizing their strengths and interests, and preparing them for the future walks in life. The three core elements of excitement, motivation, and purpose are closely linked to one another. When children are excited and motivated towards learning, they find it easier to realize their goals and also to attend to it all then onwards in the future. Once the purpose of education is innately understood, the path of learning becomes easier, smoother, and much more effective.

We believe that education should come to children as an experience, and not something that burdens their childhood unnecessarily. Thus, at Gurukul Crossings, the young fledglings are provided with nurturing learning environ where education comes with a purpose, the excitement never stops, and the motivation is continued. Inculcating these core aspects of school education in our modes and approaches have enabled us to not only deliver holistic learning but also ensure that children move on in life with happy and cherishable memories of their childhood.

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