Fight Your Math Fear With These 5 Effective Tips


The fear of math or the ‘math phobia’ is something that generally keeps children away from the subject. And this aversion for math often leads to the formation of anxiety and fear towards mathematics in the young minds. This fear makes children believe that they don’t have a mastermind to excel in the subject of math. However, we, at Gurukul The School, believe that this is not true. Any child can fight his/her math fear and develop a positive attitude towards the subject. And this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article today.

At Gurukul The School, recognized as the Best School in Ghaziabad, we often teach our students that any fear can be overcome if you embrace the right attitude in life. If your attitude and approach demonstrate victory, then you can easily attain feat over any of your fears or weaknesses. On that note, let us take a look at 5 effective ways you can try out to fight your match anxiety.

Debunk the Myth:

Fearing math is not the real problem but the stigma around it instilled by others is what increases the child’s stress and anxiety for the subject. The initial step to eliminating the fear of math is to disbelieve the myths revolving around you. Every one of us has at least once thought about how math geniuses are different from others. They are different from the point where they don’t believe the myths anymore but believe in themselves to do it.

Change the Mindset:

As children learn to start disbelieving the myths, they gain a better mindset about what they are capable of. Such a growth mindset helps to prepare them for challenges and grow with mistakes. In math, mistakes are the way to train the mind towards solutions. Keeping your mind open and believing in your abilities will help you get into the right mindset to grow and improve with hard work.

The Magical Words of Encouragement:

Slightest words of encouragement can do wonders for children, even when they don’t perform well. While negative remarks can only make their math fear get worse, putting the content of a lecture in a positive way when a child doesn’t score well, helps him/her to believe in trying again. Just a few positive words from the parents can actually do the magic of making them believe they can score well in a math test even after a worse performance.

Touching the Basics:

As the fear of math generally takes root during the early stages, children start exhibiting inefficiency in problem-solving right from that time. And the problem complicates even more when the basics remain weak. Hence, it’s never late to go back and work out from the basics. Making them see that they can do the basics correctly gives them the confidence to develop advanced skills. Studying the basics helps to improve the logical skill and memory, and thus aids in skilling up in math.

Make Math Fun:

If there is something that almost all children love to engage in, it is definitely games. Children can be engaged in fun activities like solving number puzzles, card games, and so many other games that help to enhance their math skills. When kids approach and explore math in a way they never have, it results in improved efficiency and helps fine-tune their cognitive skills.

Just by breaking the mindset that math is for special minds, anyone can deal and excel in this wonderful subject. It takes the right approach to help the kids guide and come out of their cocoon to build their confidence in math, and that’s exactly what we, at Gurukul, do. Our teachers put in all the efforts to release the fear of math from the mind of our young geniuses, and groom them with the potential to excel in all aspects of learning.

We, at Gurukul The School, nurture our young buds with creativity and curiosity to enable them to grow into confident, independent-thinking individuals. We provide an immersive learning experience that makes even the toughest of academic subjects, fun to learn and understand, thereby setting the way ahead to greater academic feats ahead.

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