Gurukul The School: Welcoming a New Era of Modern Education


In the past decade, we have witnessed major developments in technology, expansion of national and global economies, and even significant advancements in the society. As the world around us registers such remarkable progressions, it is time for education to keep up with this ever-changing world to prepare our children as the global citizens that they are meant to become tomorrow.

With this idea in mind, we, at Gurukul The School, wholeheartedly lauds the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 launched by the Indian Government on the 29th of July, 2020. Increased emphasis on critical thinking and experiential learning, greater integration of technology, and focus on holistic development as implemented by the NEP are certainly going to bring a complete transformation to Indian education. And, it makes us immensely proud to proclaim that the NEP guidelines are already a part of our vision for Gurukul’s Progressive Education Program (GPEP). Under our GPEP initiative, we believe in leaving no stones unturned to keep our students a step ahead in taking steady strides towards the future.

Seamless amalgamation of technology in learning: As per NEP 2020, the MHRD has emphasized on the development of digital infrastructure, e-learning capacities, and digital content building. We have already embraced the digital tomorrow through our AI-based adaptive learning approach, advance AI certification programs following the latest CBSE guidelines, and ever-increasing online study resources.

Advanced assistance for future career paths: For our young geniuses, an accomplished career path starts right with us. We offer psychometric career analysis along with resume development training for the senior classes.

Keeping experiential learning at the forefront: We, at Gurukul, focus on experiential learning with an aim to imbibe knowledge in the minds of our young buds for a lifetime. Our sustainable practices are the first step in developing a global outlook among our fledglings.

Innovations in curricular and co-curricular activities: The innovations do not stop at the curricular pursuits for us, as we showcase the same novelty in the co-curricular activities as well. Case in point, we offer the only horse riding club in Ghaziabad with children’s choice of membership.

Our dedicated efforts at creating an educational institute par excellence in the country have borne fruits through the achievements of our alumni. Today, Gurukul The School ranks among the Top 5 Performing Schools of Uttar Pradesh. Our students make us proud each year through exceptional board results, featuring national and state toppers. Moreover, we have a vast alumni network placed in top national and global ventures.

Gurukul’s mission has always been to ‘think globally, act locally,’ and with the NEP 2020 aiding our efforts, the journey towards glory has just begun.

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