Gurukul The School does it again: Emerges as one of the Top Five Schools in CBSE Exams


Brilliance is achieved when hard work meets the zeal to succeed, and that is exactly what Gurukulites have been proving every single year with their brilliant academic results. Under the expert tutelage of experienced and dedicated teachers, who have consistently acted as their guiding light at every step along the way, the students have performed remarkably year after year in the CBSE-X and XII examinations. And, the school is proud to announce that the trend remains unbroken for this year, as well.

Gurukul The School has secured its place among the Top Five Performing Schools in Uttar Pradesh in the CBSE results 2020, with all of its students passing the exams with flying colors. 70 students out of a total of 122 have scored over 90 percent, and 29 students have received the perfect score of a hundred in multiple subjects.  Moreover, the average percentage of the school stands at 89.34 percent. The school toppers for this year are Rishabh Garg with 98.60 percent and Somya Goel with 99.2 percent (Humanities) in classes X and XII respectively.

The school is extremely happy at the performance of the students and extends the heartiest congratulations to all the students for their dedication and diligence. It is a matter of joy and honor for everyone at Gurukul that its students have not only been able to continue the success saga of the institution but could also uphold the wonderful academic performance of last year.

As an appreciation for the extraordinary achievements of the students and to commemorate the great news, Gurukul The School has decided to award the meritorious students of the academic session 2019 – 20 with scholarships. The institution has awarded a scholarship of INR 1 lakh to 14 young achievers in class X and XI, and INR 50,000 to 33 students of the same classes.

The scholarships are aimed at encouraging the students to persevere and continue their hard work, and to showcase similar accomplishments as they are heading towards Class XII and their final school examinations. The school believes that this initiative will also help the upcoming batches to be inspired by the success story of their seniors, and hence, the record for outstanding academic results will remain unbroken at the institute.

When it comes to the reasons behind this fantastic performance, Mr. Gaurav Bedi, the principal of Gurukul The School, said, “The credit goes to the combined efforts of the teachers and the students. Consistent efforts and unflinching goal-oriented approach of our students have received the constant support by the teachers.”

With the right student to teacher ratio being maintained all the time at the institute, personalized attention and individual support have always been made possible. Remedial classes have also been an important part of learning at Gurukul. The teachers keep a close eye on the progress of each student, and they are offered these remedial classes if it’s believed that they need added attention in particular subjects. Furthermore, experiential learning, which has recently gained more attention due to the NEP 2020, has always been the mainstay of the teaching methodology at Gurukul The School. It has always helped the students to imbibe and internalize knowledge, rather than relying only on mugging up their lessons.

It has been the amalgamation of all of the aforementioned factors that have proven useful for the school and its pupils. Gurukul The School is proud of the achievements of its young geniuses and is determined to provide its students with the same levels of encouragement, dedication, and support that it has been extending during all these years since the school’s establishment. The school firmly believes that the consistent efforts from the teachers and students, backed by the constant support from the parents, will definitely help in achieving many more of such milestones along the journey.

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