How Does the Co-education System Help Improve Social Intelligence in Kids?


Education has multiple dimensions and various sources. Knowledge cannot be procured unilaterally. Almost everything we do regularly and every experience we go through shape up the person we become. Therefore, people are results of what they experience in their early years of life, and this where is social interactions play a critical role in shaping the mind of a child.

Be it parents, teachers, or friends and relatives, children learn from everyone and everything. The reason social intelligence development is gaining much importance these days is that it enables a person to frame harmonious relationships in life, which is the key to their social interaction skill development. Without strong social skills, character building and personality development in children remain incomplete. Hence, social intelligence development is of paramount importance when it comes to the all-round development of young minds. 

Along with many other attributes, one of the most important factors that encourage the development of social intelligence in children is their interaction with peers. Co-education systems aid the children in becoming socially intelligent. Several types of research have concluded that students from co-educational backgrounds often end up becoming more socially comfortable and progressive human beings. So let us delve deeper into this topic today in this article below and see how the co-education system helps the children to adopt the dynamism of social behaviors more aptly and accurately.

Encouraging social equality

Children, who experience a co-educational system of learning, often stay out of the hold of the social stereotypes. Several studies reveal that children studying at gender-specific schools often develop a sense of social prejudices and stereotypes that have remained there in our societies for ages. The progressive learning and shaping of free thought process need freedom from all these conventional blocks which the co-educational system boasts. When children observe other fellow students of opposite gender sharing the same platform, opportunities, and education from the very first day of school, it instills in them a natural sense of gender equality. Children studying in co-educational frames automatically get adapted to the sense of social gender equality, which is indeed the need of the day.

Social intelligence development

When a child grows up with another child of the opposite sex, it learns to be natural, respectful, and spontaneous with each other. They tend to understand the advantages and obstacles of both of them easily and instinctively. Hence, the co-educational system of learning helps the children to grow into more understanding and compassionate human beings. Kindness to everyone, regardless of gender, is nourished when children grow in a free environment where everyone is treated equally without any gender bias. Kids learn to interact with their social peers freely without any fear, hesitance, or preconceived ideas. 

Fostering mutual respect

Respect for fellow humans is a noble virtue, and every child should be taught right from the early years of age. A human must have respect for another human without paying heed to the caste, creed, gender, or class. The social gender discriminations often distort the natural sense of respect for women in men. Also, if girls and boys are not allowed to share their thoughts and experiences and kept separate from each other, mutual feelings often turn harsh than not. Hence, the co-educational system of learning helps both the genders gain mutual respect, which again aids in the process of social intelligence development.

At Gurukul The School, recognized among the best CBSE schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, we have maintained a thoroughly co-educational system of learning where both girls and boys are treated equally. We maintain a harmonious environment at our school that is supportive of gender equality. Regular seminars, discussions, and awareness campaigns regarding social intelligence development and gender equality are also conducted to keep the children aware of the importance of these virtues. At Gurukul Crossings, we believe instilling social intelligence in children is critical in building a strong nation, and we feel proud to be able to do our bit for our nation builders of tomorrow.

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