How has the Digital Technology Reformed the Face of Education?


Science and technology has, for the longest time, been the force behind the superiority and progress of the nations. It is also true that since times immemorial, there has been a continuous endeavor on every nation’s part to impart the knowledge of science to the learners and students through the most advanced technologies possible. The advent and progress of digital technology has brought in radical changes to the educational process. We, at Gurukul The School, firmly believe that the initiatives, directions, and decisions of digital learning, will constitute the future cornerstone of the foundations of education and learning in the coming era.

One of the best things about digital learning is that it focuses on developing and promoting deep learning through the introduction of new and improved mechanisms of imparting knowledge with the inclusion of technological devices. With the advancement of technology in the last couple of years, we have seen some major changes in the education sector. The way kids are taught today is way different from how it used to be till a decade back. Even the methods of interaction of children with the teachers have undergone a sea change due to the progression of technology. Here are a few of the many ways through which technology has served to reform the face of education.

Instant access to a world of information

One of the greatest contributions of technology to education has been the ready availability of information at any time and from anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether one wants to learn more about a topic taught in class or just wants to gather knowledge beyond the textbooks, the internet can bring every idea and trivia in your grasp within merely a few seconds.

Introduction of multimedia in education

Use of images, animations, videos, and audios has helped immensely in the transformation of the methods of learning to change it into something more effective and exciting for the students. We have noticed how much the children enjoy learning from the videos, as, it not only ensures a fun and engaging form of education for them but also the explanations offered are more relatable and relevant to the real-world scenario.

Availability of online programs and classes

The most remarkable impact of digital technology has been the introduction of online classes that are now widely available and accessible. The free online classes that offer massive open Online Courses are swiftly gaining a lot of popularity. It allows the learners of all ages and any background to unite from all over the world at any given point in time and have the ease of accessing a program or course at their own comforts.

The advent of augmented reality

We, at GurukulThe School, believe that the rate at which augmented reality is progressing and the way the education system is portraying the willingness to adopt it, AR can turn out to be the much-needed positive change in the system that can significantly help the students to understand the topics in a highly detailed manner. For instance, the numerous augmented reality apps already available in the market are enabling the students to understand and visualize the various parts of the human body or a machine thoroughly, thereby enabling better absorption of the knowledge imparted.

Instruction and guidance from diverse teachers

The increasing progression of digital technology has also improved the access and availability of diverse instructors and teachers for students all over the world. The scenario, where one student is able to be present in a multicultural online classroom with teachers from different countries sharing their knowledge at the same time, is not an impossible one to imagine any longer, thanks to the dawn of digital technology.

An aid for students with special needs

We believe that digital technology has come as nothing short of a boon to the students with special needs as they no longer need to respond to the traditional classroom environment any longer. Loads of mobile applications are available in the market that have been designed to help to initiate the students with special needs into the mainstream society. Students who are unable to go to school regularly are now able to study at their own pace.

We, at Gurukul The School, recognized as the Top School in Ghaziabad, have always been firm believers of the idea that if we do not involve technological innovations in our classes, then we are basically keeping our students at a disadvantage. To that end, we have always been the ones to encourage mobile and app-based learning along with the books-based knowledge impartation. We involve audio-visual aids to facilitate active learning in our classrooms. At Gurukul, we aim to impart our students with the best of both worlds, i.e., theoretical knowledge and technological know-how. We wish to deliver our students with the highest standards of education, and as such, embracing the technological advancements for improving and strengthening the knowledge impartation approach is one of our key ways through which we have been assisting our pupils to grow into global citizens.

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