How Learning Coding at a Young Age Helps Open the Doorway to Greater Feats Ahead?


“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” – Stephen Hawking

We are in the 21st-century world today, where interacting with high-tech gadgets and technology-enabled devices is more of a routine thing for our kids. The interesting part is that they don’t even need any special training to do that! You must have seen at home how effortlessly your tiny tots learn to play their favorite rhymes on your smartphone or how easily they learn to give commands to Alexa. Is anyone teaching them all that? No! They observe and learn.

That’s because the kids are so fertile and porous at a young age that they readily learn whatever they come across. At Gurukul The School, ranked among the Top Schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that this process of learning through observing is a normal part of the kids’ growth. And it is probably because of this reason that young age is considered to be the best for instilling crucial life skills in children. One such skill which is increasingly gaining relevance in today’s digitalized world and should be ideally taught to children at a young age is Coding!

So today, we, at Gurukul The School, have brought for you an insight into why knowledge of coding is indeed essential for 21st-century kids and how it helps to open up a sea of opportunities for them in various spheres of life.

Builds computational thinking skills in children

Computational thinking is basically the ability to convey one’s thoughts and perspective in a clear, logical, and structured way. Studies reveal that individuals with such an analytical bend of mind are better at problem-solving and decision-making, which come to their aid in all the different walks of life ahead. It is this ability that gets instilled in children when they begin to learn coding from an early age.

Boosts thinking fluidity

When kids are taught coding at a young age, it basically trains their mind to think in a more organized manner. They learn to break up the concepts into smaller bits and get into the habit of thinking in a more logical manner. This not only enables them to derive to more out-of-the-box and better results but also works out considerably on their written as well as oral communication skills.

Expands their knowledge horizons

Ever thought how the computer games or mobile games we all feel so addicted to are created? We all enjoy these wonders of technology, but how many of us try to figure out what all actually goes into creating that? It is all coding and computer programming! Learning coding is more like learning another language – a language that machines, or rather computers, understand. Hence, when they learn to code, they learn to unleash a completely new world and get a good opportunity to expand their knowledge horizons.

Grants competitive advantage

We all know how rapidly the technology has progressed within the last few years, and as such, the time is not far away when tech skills would form one among the crucial life skills. And one of the hottest tech skills having a constantly growing demand is definitely coding. It is thus evident that those who work on their coding skills now are sure to get a significant advantage in the times to come. They will easily get their hands on better job opportunities going ahead.

At Gurukul The School, one of the top schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that coding is the future. And though we don’t mean that knowledge of coding would directly turn our little buds into highly successful programmers or help them grow into another Bill Gates; What we intend to say is that knowledge of coding is more of a necessary skill that would definitely help our young budding geniuses in not only their academic journey ahead but will also open for them the pathway to high potential professional domains in the near future.

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