How to Boost the Will-Power of Your Children


Will-power is the driving force for the mind. Especially for kids, will-power is critically important to determine the level of concentration, focus, and determination. Will-power is one propelling force that not only helps boost the positivity of the mind but also keeps the children away from pursuing the negativities. For example, will-power can encourage a child to pursue his goals and reach them without bothering about the obstacles en route. This makes it necessary to work towards boosting the will-power of children so that they grow more determined and confident.

At Gurukul The School, recognized as the best school in Ghaziabad, we believe that the mind can control any individual more than any other influences. And when it comes to children, it is the parents who play a critical role in helping the kids gain their mental strength and grow into strong-willed individuals. Here, in this article below, we are sharing some easy ways that will help boost the will-power of your kids and make them more determined towards achieving their goals in life.

Introduce inspiring storybooks to your kids

Nothing impresses a young mind more than tales and chronicles. Haven’t you noticed your child acting as his/her favorite character from a movie or a story standing in front of the mirror? Plenty of children even start talking or behaving like their favorite characters in real life. Hence, take this opportunity and offer your kids the storybooks that inspire and encourage them to stick to their convictions and mottos. The heroic tales of martyrs or the stories depicting the struggle of eminent personalities can always be a source of awareness, determination, and strengthening of will-power.

Praise your kids as and when needed

Appreciations are like nutrients to a tree. Can you imagine a tree growing without water, sunlight, and soil? Similarly, a child’s mind cannot flourish to its best extent without acknowledgment and words of appreciation from his/her parents. At Gurukul The School, we believe that every child craves for his/her parents’ nod when they achieve something. No matter how trifle the achievement is, a pat on the back or a few phrases of appreciation like “well done” or “I am proud of you” can always empower the little ones with the courage to continue the battle and overcome the challenges. Your words of appreciation may work wonders in keeping your kid’s will-power nourished for a long time.

Let them solve their own problems

We know your children often approach you for solving their problems. But don’t jump to help them straight away. Give them opportunities to plan their own solutions or way-outs to resolve their own issues when the time is fit. For critical problems, be there and assist them. For easy to solve problems, try their potential to stand against adversities and find resolutions. This will also put their will-power to the test and make them believe in them. Once your child gets to solve his/her problems without help, he/she will get the confidence to nil the rest in the future as well. And this is what will-power is all about, i.e., not fearing the challenges and facing their problems with courage and confidence.

Teach them the power of positivity

A positive mind is often a single solution all your problems require. If you can teach your child to stay positive amidst all the negatives, half of the battle would be done. Will-power is an essential pillar of a strong character. If you want your child to grow into a strong and determined individual, you need to teach them to stay strong and positive no matter what. This will also teach them to find solutions when faced with challenges and not escaping or succumbing to the circumstances. Therefore, positivity is more like an inherent component of will-power, and the two complement each other really well.

At Gurukul The` School, positioned among the best schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that children have a flexible mind that can be molded into any frame you wish to. Therefore, to instill will-power in your child’s mind, expose him/her to the benefits of positivity and other virtuous character traits at an early age. A little effort from your side can help your child to become a strong-willed person.

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