How to Bridge the Widening Generation Gap?


“Ugh, Mamma you just don’t get it!” Heard your child saying something like this when you wondered out loud for what good joy she is so involved in social media? Likewise, haven’t you ever questioned your children’s sense of music when they judged your favorite melodies? Well, truth be told, it is not at all about who is right or wrong here. The difference lies in the perspectives. And that’s just because your child comes from a different generation than you are and likes things differently than you do.

The issue with the ever-widening generation gap is that we end up criticizing each other instead of trying to understand it for the benefit of all concerned. Our children come from a generation where technology is advancing at a breakneck pace and going global is the order of the day. So, it is understandable that people who have watched black and white TVs are finding it hard to relate to the people who watch it on their smartphones. However, we, at GurukulThe School, believe that just because there is a generation gap doesn’t mean you cannot take steps to bridge it. Following are some of the ways you can effectively bond with the younger generation:

Changing the perception to see each other as a complementary match

There are lifelong lessons that you can learn and teach each other across the generational lines. It is important to see each other as a compliment instead of finding flaws. You may simply begin by introducing your children to some of those golden era songs, and you can try listening to some of the latest hits of Beyoncé!

Being a mentor to the children and a mentee to them

There are many things that you can learn from the younger generation. From using the smartphone to the latest apps on Google Play, when it comes to technology, they can be your best teachers. Try teaching them some of your ways of life and learn something about their ways as well.

Respecting the differences instead of demeaning them

The younger generation chooses differently in so many aspects, from clothing and forming relationships to their ways of communication. Instead of straight away demeaning all these choices, it is important to try to understand and respect those. Even if you have to suggest something, make sure you do it gently instead of raising your voice at them.

Having effective communication with the other generation

There is nothing that effective communication cannot solve. Just make sure that the lines of communication are always open between you and your young ones. It is okay to criticize something that you do not find right, but it should be done in a constructive manner with the aim that you both get to learn something from it.

Listening with the intent of understanding and not for debating

We know that one of the things that the older generation is guilty of doing is not listening well enough to the younger generation. The intent of listening should be understanding and not negating whatever points the other person has to state. If you listen close enough, you will find many things to learn and understand. Hence, never simply brush off their views and opinions as just another fad of the new generation.

At Gurukul The School, a top ranking school in Ghaziabad, we believe that the biggest mistake we make as a generation is to hold on to the idea that anything that the young generation likes, wants, or speaks up about is all wrong and just another trend. However, the truth is that they are one of the most tech-savvy, well-connected, and forward-thinking group of people that we still have a lot to learn from. Appreciate the fact, and remain open to embrace their perspectives, as only then will they learn to accept yours!

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