How to Carve Leadership Qualities in Children


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams, American statesman, diplomat, and lawyer.

We use the words ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ so often that very few people are able to actually fathom what the words truly mean. Most people tend to confuse the words with positions of power and authority. However, when spoken in the context of children, leadership abilities basically indicate the innate capabilities of a child to gather different individuals and aid everyone to work effectively together towards a single goal. We, at Gurukul The School, believe that inculcating leadership qualities in children is all about teaching them to be compassionate enough to put the needs of others before themselves and having the ability to believe in their own self to lead others on the right path.

We believe that instilling leadership qualities in children does not only aid them in their current stage of life but also helps them to move ahead in the future path that they choose. After all, an individual who has enough self-belief and determination, and the ability to work in a team, is bound to taste success in any field that he/she decides to set his/her foot in. On that note, here are some of the effective tips that turn out to be of great help when it comes to carving leadership qualities in young minds.

Gift your child the opportunities to work in a team

Try and schedule activities that your child can enjoy with a group of kids, such as going to a picnic or playing a game. Your child needs exposure to opportunities where he/she can work as a team player.

Teach them to handle failures gracefully

Children need to learn to embrace failures the same way they would accept their victories. The idea is to teach them to take failures as some great learning opportunities. Teach them that it is okay to make mistakes and move ahead, but it is never okay to blame it on others.

The crucial skill of negotiation and cooperation

Children can be too stubborn or too complacent, and both can come in the way of their leadership abilities. It is hence important that they are gently taught to choose between options that are in the best interest of everyone involved in a given scenario.

Let them make their own decisions

It is necessary to lend a helping hand in the major decisions of life, but it is not okay to decide every little thing for your child. You can develop the decision taking power in your child by letting him/her make his/her own choices, wherever possible.

Those tiny acts of boosting confidence

Simply letting the kids do the activities that you do for them also helps in building their confidence. Letting them do their little tasks on their own makes them feel that you have enough faith in their abilities. Small acts like allowing your child order at the restaurant, choose a few grocery items, and more such activities can actually do a great job at empowering your child.

You are the best example

It all starts at home, and you will have to lead by example if you want your child to follow suit. Let your child look up to you as the rightful leader, and that will steer him/her in the right direction.

At Gurukul The School, recognized as the Top School in Ghaziabad, we believe in not just educating the young buds for their future, but also creating the nation builders of tomorrow who can lead from the front with their confidence, talents, and resilience. As it is said, great leaders are not made in a day, and thus, with continuous efforts from our end, and effective support from the parents, the little steps that we take every day will surely bear fruits in creating the world leaders of our next generation.

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