How to Get Children to Become Self-Learners?

Gurukul The School firmly believe that children are born curious. All you need to do is nurture this curiosity.


The best form of learning is the one that never ends. What makes us say so is the very fact that learning is a continuous process with ample resources available at one’s disposal. However, when one wishes to truly learn, looking within becomes the key. You cannot always expect others to step in and make you learn. You need to take the reins in your hands and make your boat sail to the best of your ability. This is what we otherwise understand as SELF-LEARNING.

Self-learners are essentially motivated individuals hungry for learning, which makes them tap on every other resource and polish their learning curve. In today’s blog post, we at Gurukul The School, the top school of Ghaziabad, will be looking at some of the best ways to raise self-learners. So, let’s quickly delve in without any further ado.

  • Speak about the importance of learning:

At Gurukul The School, we strongly believe that before making children self-learners, they need to be made learners in the first place. This is only and only possible when children understand the importance of learning and start taking a genuine interest in the same.

Hence, as parents, try making your children understand that only when they learn can they achieve their dreams and aspirations. What is even better is to sow the seeds of self-learning where children get to learn using the format and pace that is comfortable to them. Of course, every parent must positively take up this work-in-progress initiative.

  • Fuel curiosity:

If you wish to raise your children into becoming self-learners, you should be open to the idea of fuelling curiosity. This comes from a place of responsibility because fuelling curiosity is only and only possible when you are willing to take questions from your children and answer them to your best ability.

We at Gurukul The School firmly believe that children are born curious. All you need to do is nurture this curiosity. This done right, there is nothing stopping you from molding your children into self-learners.

  • Don’t be averse to autonomy:

We have observed multiple children for their behaviors and have come to realize that there is a certain lot open to the idea of becoming self-learners but there are ifs and buts involved. These ifs and buts have to do with autonomy. These are the same children who wish to learn but are interested in exercising autonomy as far as the choice of medium of learning, frequency, and resources are concerned. You as a parent need to give children this autonomy because only then can you expect to nurture a self-learner.

  • Introduce children to the world of hobbies:

The best part about nurturing self-learners is that self-learning need not always be associated with academics. The art of self-learning can be introduced to children indirectly by opening up the world of hobbies too. You can give your children the freedom to choose a hobby they would like to engage in while allowing the same amount of liberty to gain expertise in the same. By doing this, you will not just be able to raise self-learners but will have multi-niched self-learners by your side.

  • Invest in a healthy and happy learning space:

We at Gurukul The School have observed that children who shy away from learning on their own are the same children who are deprived of a healthy and happy learning environment. The sad part is that in most cases, parents and elderly members of the family fail to realize that the real reason behind children not learning on their own is not their lack of interest in learning. Instead, this has to do with the space and resources within which they are expected to learn, most of which not being conducive to their growth and development. Thus, every parent who is interested in molding self-learners should invest in shaping children’s learning space and resources.

  • Celebrate milestones:

As a parent, it is important for you to understand that molding self-learners may be easy to some extent but what is not very easy is to maintain children’s interest in self-learning. One of the reasons why children may fall out of the practice of self-learning is because of a lack of acknowledgment from parents especially in terms of their new learning and addition to their knowledge basket.

To avoid finding yourself in this situation, we recommend that you come forward to celebrate milestones, the smallest of wins included. Let your children know that you are observing their progress and how proud you are of their abilities to self-learn. This will only help to further strengthen children’s interest in self-learning, something that will come in handy during their grown-up years too.


All this while, if you have been struggling to get your children to embrace the area of self-learning, then we at Gurukul The School, being the cbse schools in ghaziabad, would like to recommend the above activities and actions to make self-learning a part of children’s everyday life. Trust us, self-learning is very important for the holistic growth of your kids, and investing time for making the same possible is worth all the effort!

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