How to Help Your Child Grow into an Active Learner?


“No mom, not now! Can I please study an hour later?” “I don’t want to learn this subject!” “Why do I have to study at all?” Children often make excuses like these and more in an attempt to escape the study sessions at home. And while this could have many reasons, one among the most prominent ones is their inactiveness towards learning. This inactiveness basically emerges from the lack of interest or the willingness to learn. And most often than not, children in such a case are made to participate in the learning process forcefully.

But do you really think this forced learning would do them any good? Of course not! That’s because when kids are pushed into any activity that they don’t willingly undertake, they fail to engage in the task with their full potential. Hence, it is very important to enable the growth of kids into active learners so that they need not be pushed into learning but rather engage in the learning process willingly by themselves. When children grow into active learners, they not only turn into good listeners but also dynamically participate in knowledge exchange at different levels.

At Gurukul The School, regarded as the Best School in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that active learning forms the basis of experiential learning, and the outcomes are naturally far better than the traditional form of blackboard-based teaching. Active learning not only allows children to think freely but also helps them in decision-making. We thus always encourage our young buds to grow into active learners. After all, active learning helps prepare children to meet life challenges in a much stronger and better way. When the experiences are engaging, children naturally learn better and consecutively perform better. 

So today, we, at Gurukul The School, would like to share with you a few ways you can try out to help your kids grow into active learners. Read on. 

Actively involve in their learning process

As children spend most of their time with you, the parents, and treat you as their role models, parental involvement is indeed vital in children’s life, be it in terms of academics or any other sphere. Getting involved in the child’s activities and asking them about their friends, school, or simple day-to-day activities is one of the best ways to help them grow into active learners.  

Practice brain warm-up activities

Well, as you know, morning shows the day. Thus, starting the day with some mild warm-up sessions can help the kids remain active throughout the day. Activities like meditation, brain games, and yoga help the kids declutter their minds and help kickstart the day with collaboration and excitement. Such activities also help to inculcate self-discipline in the young minds, which is indeed the need of the hour these days.  

Adopt a positive and encouraging approach

Encouraging and positive words like ‘Thank You,’ ‘Great Job.’ ‘Keep it up,’ etc., on certain occasions, may work wonders in helping the kids grow into active learners. But this should not mean that you start pampering them even on their mistakes. Be honest with them. Words of encouragement at the right time can help create opportunities for them to face real-life situations and evaluate themselves with much more vigor and will. 

Take help of visual learning approaches

Visuals like color bars, pictures, and graphs can draw a child’s attention in a far better way than hard-bound books. Hence, do include a session of visual learning in your kid’s timetable. Depending upon their level of understanding, you can use interactive whiteboards as well. It has been seen that visual learners are fast and active learners as compared to others. Visualization helps in better conceptual understanding than pen and paper and helps naturally arouse a child’s interest in the learning process. 

Let them engage in a variety of activities

Instead of engaging kids in monotonous reading and writing activities that end up making them bored, try out taking the help of storytelling, interactive audio-visuals, and group discussion sessions. Such engaging activities boost teamwork and, in turn, help kids grow into active learners. You can also organize small quizzes and polls to revise the chapters taught earlier in class.

At Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that every child is unique, and therefore the learning potential also differs for each. But when they grow into active learners, they not only start taking a keen interest in their academics but also the learning outcomes improve substantially. All you need to do is take proper steps in enabling their transformation from a passive learner to an active one and see how much difference it makes in their overall performance!

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