How to Help Your Child Improve His/Her Pronunciation Skills


Pronunciation is the ability to produce words, sounds, and sentences that are clear and can be effortlessly interpreted and understood by others to express the basic wants and needs. If the pronunciation remains unclear, it can have a crucial impact on the way a child interacts with others. It also affects the development of social and language skills. We, at Gurukul The School, recognized as the Top Preschool in Ghaziabad, have seen that children who face difficulties in being understood become angry and frustrated leading to several behavioral issues.

We firmly believe that the pronunciation skills are something that should be inculcated and developed in children as soon as they turn four as these initial years are the actual formative years for them. The skills that we teach them at this tender age become profoundly embedded in their minds and remain with them forever. The same principle applies to the inculcation of pronunciation and articulation skills as well. However, it will be wrong to assume that you can teach all the details of pronunciation, phonics, and spellings to your child in a day as it takes quite a significant amount of time for a child to pick up the basics of all these skills. It is hence imperative that the foundation is laid at an early age. The sooner you start them on the lessons, the better it will be for them. Here, we would like to share with you a few tips which you can try out with your kids on day to day basis, and you will soon witness a fair improvement in theirpronunciation skills.

Instill the habit of reading stories

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that as soon as children start to communicate and understand things properly, they should be introduced to story reading. There are plenty of storybooks available for children of all ages; just make sure you get a few colorful ones to incite your kid’s interest in the same. Sit beside your child while he/she reads and do not step back from helping the child wherever he/she goes wrong. This will help your little one pick up the tones and shades of pronunciation much quickly and accurately.

Read aloud the rhymes and poems yourself

Children learn the most by observing and replicating the actions of the adults around them, especially the parents. Thus, if you pick up any rhyme or story and read it aloud to your kid, it will do much good than you may think in helping them learn the actual pronunciation of the words.

Encourage the child to sing

We have seen that the habit of singing works wonderfully in teaching the right pronunciation to children, and so, we would advise you to encourage your kid to listen to some of his favorite songs and then sing them aloud. You can also join your child in the singing practice as it will further solidify his/her interest in the activity. The rhyming words work as brilliant tools in making the concept of pronunciation easy and clear for the children.

Use pictorial representation of words

Books with pictures are great when it comes to helping the children recognize and pronounce the words correctly. You can even use flashcards to help your little one relate a name with an object. Hence, whenever you consider buying books for your young ones, make sure you get books with pictures as they will not only help the kids in identifying things well but will also enable them to name the objects correctly.

We, Gurukul The School, as one of the premier educational institutes of the nation, are consistently and dedicatedly putting in efforts to give a robust foundation to the formative years of children. Correct pronunciation is one of the key elements that help lay the base for future growth, and this is the key reason why we, at Gurukul, always give special focus on the development of pronunciation skills in our pupils.Our experienced and dedicated group of teachers adopt varied approaches to instill the kids with the basics of the languages and pronunciation from a young age to make sure they turn out to be articulate and eloquent speakers in the future.

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