How To Help Your Kids Grow into Astute Decision-Makers?

A wise parent doesn’t enforce good habits onto their children. They get them to develop good habits on their own. But how do they do it? Simple – They do it by planting seeds early on! It’s hard work, but the rewards are endless. This simple act by parents not only helps children grow into wholesome and disciplined individuals but insightful decision-makers as well.

While these are inspiring to read, you might be asking for in-depth answers, right? So today, in this article below, we at Gurukul The School, one of the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, will shed light on a few tips and tactics that will help you instill decision-making skills in your children and enable them to grow into astute decision makers. Let’s read on. Shall we?

Let Them Cleanup Their Missteps: 
Missteps are opportunities. You might frown at this thought. After all, they’ll have to repeat the task to rectify it, which will waste time. Let us assure you that this chain of thinking is wrong. Missteps (mistakes) are a part of personal growth. Nothing’s better than letting them realize where they went wrong. They’ll correct them and not repeat them. If you stop them, they won’t learn their lesson, which will not benefit them when they grow up.

Just look around! Every leader who has gone on to achieve great things is highly insightful. They can predict the outcomes of their decisions because they think of scenarios from multiple points of view. They are able to achieve this because they learned from their past mistakes.

Nothing Works Better Than a Dosage of the Real World: 
Shielding your child from danger is a parental instinct. It’s an innate quality that can’t be ousted. But face it, the world is cruel, and someday they’ll face it on their own. Thus, you must ready them for it. A prime example would be to stop them from developing harmful habits such as vices. Let’s take smoking, for example. As an adult, you know it is an unpleasant habit, but what would you do the day you find out that they had tried a cigarette to “impress” their friends? Rather than losing your mind and letting them have it, show them a picture of a smoker’s lung on the internet. It’s a shock-and-awe tactic and works most of the time.

Let Them Develop/Follow Other Talents: 
All kids have hidden talents, and so do yours! They don’t know it because they haven’t discovered it yet. Some of them even spend their lives not discovering them at all. Thus, it is important to allow your kids to try doing things outside of their academic endeavors as well. It helps develop their personality, thus making them stronger.

Educate Them About the Importance of Finances: 
You tell them daily about the importance of education, but what about finances? You must note that no matter how educated they get, they won’t experience happy lives unless they learn to respect money. Thus, you must instill in them the habit of saving money from an early age. You must show them they enjoy their lives because you saved up for the future when you were young. Teach them its benefits, such as they can buy comfort later in life and look after their families. Reveal to them that they don’t have to depend on anyone and live with pride.

Be Wary of the Friends They Pick: 
Our friends can be our strongest allies or be the ones who keep us down. It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. Most children are wayward by nature and are attracted to mischief. A little mischief, here and there, is acceptable, but if their social circle consists of people who are a bad influence, try to convince your kids to remove them from their lives, or else they’ll rue it later.


At Gurukul The School, positioned among the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that habit forming is something that’s done best during childhood years. Thus, as parents, it is important for you to try and instill your kids with habits that enable them to become great decision-makers. These habits will also nurture in them analytical thinking and problem-solving skills as well, which will help them establish themselves as reliable and respectable individuals going ahead. Thus, if you wish your kids to attain a respectable position in society going ahead, make sure you lay the groundwork now. To that end, the tips shared in this article today will come to your aid and help you groom your little ones into personalities whom people trust and look up to for advice.

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