How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Anger Under Check?

Children often get angry when they face situations they can’t control– Trycia Goyer


Anger is one of the many emotions that we, as human beings, experience. And yes, it is just as normal as any other emotion, like happiness, fear, gloom, etc. However, one thing that makes anger different from other emotions is that anger obstructs a person’s thinking ability. This can thereby lead them to make wrong decisions, followed by episodes of guilt and frustration. It is this aspect of anger that makes it rather necessary to teach kids anger management tactics right at a young age.

So today, we at Gurukul The School, one of the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, have brought forth for you some easy-to-follow yet highly effective anger management tactics that we believe you must try out with your kids to help them grow into calm, composed, and responsible individuals. Read on.

Do Not Make Them Feel Guilty
One of the most common mistakes that many parents are guilty of committing is to react to their children’s anger with even more angst. They end up scolding their children up to the point where the kids are made to feel guilty for what they have done. This, however, makes the situation even worse by instilling the kids with a feeling of guilt, shame, or remorse, which gradually fuels aggressiveness and rebellious behavior. That’s because anger on parents’ part can neither fetch positive results from children nor make them understand what wrong they have done. Thus, as a parent, instead of making the kids feel guilty, focus on communicating with them the right way to express their thoughts and feelings.

Shield Them from Violent Media or Games
You need to watch your kids to know the reasons for their anger. Some kids, after watching violent TV serials, action movies, or video games, display their aggression in the form of anger. Thus, make sure your kids are not indulging in any violent or aggressive content on the media, and instead, expose them to healthy activities such as reading books, listening to music, and learning new outdoor games. When you divert your kids’ energy towards positive learning, they’ll learn to tame their anger with time.

Give the Right Response
Does your kid throw a tantrum the moment you say NO to a request? Then try and change your response. Avoid using negative statements and instead, try and convey your message by positively reframing your statement. For instance, if you want to stop them from scribbling on the wall, instead of saying, “Don’t spoil the wall with your colors!” try and say, “I can see you have a good sense of using colors. Let’s create some beautiful paintings on these sheets of paper so that we can store them and show them to everyone.” This way, the kids will give heed to what you have to say and will accept the refusal calmly.

Teach Them the Proper Words
The vocabulary of kids is generally not as wide and large as that of adults. This is the reason why they rarely know the words to describe their sadness, frustration, laziness, feelings of weakness, hunger, fear, loneliness, etc. Chances are, they are feeling sad, and to get your attention, the kids may show signs of anger. With patience, you need to teach them the words and the reasons they are conveyed. Teach your kids that they can approach you at all times and convey their different feelings. With time, they will learn to differentiate between feelings of fear, loneliness, hunger, etc., which will help them control their anger in a better way.

In a nutshell…

Anger is part and parcel of the range of emotions that each one of us holds within ourselves. As such, embracing the same as normal emotion is vital for the holistic development of kids. However, what is necessary to be taught to kids is not to let anger take away the better of them and instead keep it under check. We at Gurukul The School ranked among the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, would suggest you to try out the tactics shared in this article above, and it will surely help you get your child’s anger pangs under control, enabling them to grow into empathetic and respectable individuals who can face any challenges with grace and achieve success in life.

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