How to Improve the Concentration Power of Kids to Help Them Focus Better on Academics


Children struggling to focus and lacking concentration on their academic front is a common sight these days. After all, with technology at hand, it has become quite easy for children to get distracted. And now, ever since the classes have shifted online, the problem of lost focus has grown into an even bigger problem during the times of pandemic. Parents are finding it really hard to make the kids sit and focus on their studies when they have so many distractions around them to snatch their attention away. So, what can be done to help improve their concentration power and divert their focus from the unnecessary distractions towards the studies? Don’t worry, we, at Gurukul The School, recognized among the Best Schools in Ghaziabad, have brought forth for you in this article today some highly useful learning tips that would help enhance your child’s concentration ability to let him/her make the best use of the study hours.

Find the right study environment

Learning at school is quite different from the online learning happening today amid the pandemic. Children are at home surrounded by all sorts of distracting noises and tech gadgets. It is hence extremely important to, first of all, provide your kids find the right learning environment if you wish to help them focus on their studies. Keep the place silent and free of any distraction stuff so that your child will get to concentrate better.

Get a study partner

Finding a study partner can be a good option to get your child into the learning mode. Oftentimes, for younger children, parents themselves can turn into a study partner. This will help the kids stay focused for a longer period of time without getting monotonous with the study flow. Moreover, sharing study techniques and clarifying doubts can certainly boost your child’s learning and motivate him/her to study. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to get a focused study partner for your child and not a chit-chatting friend, or else all your efforts will go in vain.

Exercising and meditation are big-time aids in improving concentration

It is a universal fact that exercising and meditation improves one’s sense of awareness and attention. Thus, teaching meditation can be a great way to teach children how to stay focused in life. Besides improving the concentration power, meditation also helps to boost the overall fitness and trains the brain into letting go of distractive thoughts. In addition, physical workout and outdoor play can also be a great deal of exercise for your child’s mind and body. It helps release anxiety and enhances focusing power and attention in children so that they can concentrate better on whatever task they have at hand.

Practice memorization games and activities

There are several concentration enhancing activities and brainpower games that can actually help to quickly improve your child’s focus. Thus, whenever your child gets tired of studying, you can engage him/her in memory games and gazing activities that do work wonders at improving the concentration power. Games like Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, and Chess can be few of the best cognitive exercises for your little one’s brain.

Discipline is important

Last but not least is disciplining your child. If you want your kid to focus better on studies, you need to practice the habit as a discipline from their early years. Make it a habit for young children to study regularly according to the time slab. It can be difficult at the start, but when they grow up, they would have the valuable quality of self-discipline instilled in them, and that would aid them in each and every sphere of life.

At Gurukul The School, ranked among the Best Schools in Ghaziabad, we have always maintained that parents have a significant role to play in tuning their children’s concentration power and making them focus better to prepare for the life ahead. We have, in fact, seen how with parental support, even the youngest of our students have been successfully getting over the challenges of online learning for the past one year. We truly appreciate and respect the zeal of the parents to support their kids in their learning endeavors. And we hope the tips shared in this article today would help you all get rid of the concentration and focus issues that the kids have been facing.

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