How to Make Your Child Understand the Difference between Indulgence & Needs


There is no doubt about the fact that necessity has always been the driving force behind the infallible progress of the human race. Be it the first fire the cavemen lighted or the rolling log that inspired them to shape wheels to add pace to communication, necessity has indeed been the mother of invention.

But, as you may know, a little too much of what we need can turn out to be fatal. This is why the words need and greed sound similar, but mean much different. And this is exactly what the kids need to understand as well. At Gurukul The School, the top CBSE school in Ghaziabad, we believe that children should be groomed in such a way that they grow up with the spirit of empathy, cooperation, and coexistence. We believe kids should be aware of the evils of greed and self-orientation that often leads to indulgence. If not taught in time, they may fail to differentiate indulgence from need, and it might thereby take a toll on their overall development as an individual.

The Difference between Needs and Indulgence

We, at Gurukul The School, understand that no parents want their kids to live a life that is less than opulent. But, keeping your child aligned with the basic social norms that teach the difference between necessity and indulgence is essential. Making everything available for the children right at the moment they ask for it might ultimately rob them of their abilities to understand the value of things.

It is hence vital to make the kids understand that while a need is something closer to survival and basic requirements, indulgence is a mere depiction of an unrestrained state of a desire, of which a major share is least needed. Once the kids learn this basic differentiation, they learn to take better control of their unnecessary desires, which in turn, aids wonderfully in their development as a human being.

Here, in this article below, we are sharing with you a few ways in which you can make your child understand the difference between need and indulgence. In order to do so, you do not have to deprive your little ones of anything; you just need to be alert while providing.

Help them differentiate between what’s essential and what’s least required

Every parent wishes to give the best to their children. But, fulfilling all the wishes of your kids all the time can be a message for them that they are entitled to everything in life they ask for. While in reality, life acts contrary to such beliefs. Also, you must understand that it is the darkness that renders value to illumination. Hence, give your kids the things essential for him/her and restrict your offerings if they are asking for something least required.

Impart awareness about the value of things

Maintain a balance between luxury and necessity and allow the kids to follow the same as well. If your kids observe you spending excessively or leading an extravagant life, they will fail to trace the fine line between need and indulgence. As parents, you should keep the kids aware of the cons of seeking more than what one needs all the time. We, at Gurukul The School, have seen that children aged between 5 and 15 get influenced by everything around them and the same constructs their moral behavior for the rest of their lives. Hence, make sure to impart the right message about the fine difference between what is a necessity and what is a luxury to make them aware of the values of things.

At Gurukul The School, recognized as the Top CBSE School in Ghaziabad, we stand firm and committed to making the young minds not only academically strong but also morally upright. And for grooming good moral behavior among children, it is necessary that they are capable of balancing between their needs and indulgence. We urge parents to have friendly discussions about the same at home as well. After all, it is the joint efforts of parents and the school that can eventually workout to raise responsible, morally and ethically upright individuals.

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