How to Navigate Teen Independence the Right Way


Every human being passes through several phases of growth and development from childhood to adulthood. Each stage of life is characterized by a set of phenomena associated with a specific age. Teenage refers to the age group of 13 to 19, and it is regarded as the most critical growth stage in our life in terms of neurological growth as well as the development of character traits. This is the time when a person starts to develop individual opinions about things and experiences that surround him/her. This, in the later years, determines the moral strength and defines the character of a person.

Learning to be free or independent is surely one of the most significant lessons that a child learns during this time. The first sense of independence gets incorporated in the mind of a child with self-respect lessons, and gradually, this fine sense develops into a strong feeling which gets assimilated with the global context. But, if the sense of independence gets misjudged with recklessness, it might bear negative effects on the child as well. Hence, teenagers must be taught the ideology of independence with care and prudence. Here, in this article today, we are sharing with you some of the ways through which parents can navigate teen independence in the right way:

Show love and respect

Every child learns the most from what he/she listens or observes. Experience always remains the greatest teacher of all times. Children learn by imitating what elders do and how they react to a particular situation. Hence, the next time you pass a comment or make a remark, stay aware that you are being observed and followed by your child. Make sure your conversations are full of the words of love and generosity. It will help your teenager a lot in growing into a generous and humble individual, which is a prerequisite for comprehending the essence of independence the right way.

Lay clear family rules

Let the kids understand that independence does not mean being free from every rule; rather, it means obeying the rules set by one’s own self. By setting the family rules strong yet apt, you can set an example before your teenage child for how to manage independence when it comes in abundance. When children observe the parents following the family rules, they will also learn to respect the rules set for the benevolence of all, and this is when you will be able to sow the seeds of independence in an apt manner in their porous yet fertile minds.

Treat the child appropriately

Harsh words or erratic behaviour can cast a negative impression on the minds of the children. Hence, your behaviour should be humble and measured before your teenage kids, or else they will pick up the negatives from you. If the child has done anything wrong, instead of scolding or abusing, the best way would be to sit around and make the child understand through a discussion. This positive attitude will help the child understand that independence comes with responsibility and that showing disobedience is never the only way to it.

Let the child decide

Never make decisions on behalf of your child. Let the kid take the decisions so that the child can also bear the associated responsibility that comes along. When children decide on any issue, the outcomes also remain their responsibility. This way, they learn to take the responsibility for every act they do and get to understand the true meaning of independence.

Being the mentors of young minds for years, we, at Gurukul The School, positioned among the top ten CBSE Schools in Ghaziabad, have seen how sensitive the teenage kids are and how careful one has to be in dealing with children of this age. We have hence always ensured to pay special attention to the children of teenage group. Our teachers are trained to treat them with special care and help them comprehend the true meaning of independence so that they can implement the realization in their lives. At Gurukul, we believe it is of utmost importance for the teenage kids to understand that the sense of independence comes hand in hand with a bunch of responsibilities. And if we, along with the parents, can lend them our support in understanding this notion, each of our budding geniuses will beautifully bloom into responsible yet independent individuals.

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