How to Support Intellectual Development of Kids


Intellectual development is characterized by the way a child acquires knowledge, learns, and interacts with his/her surroundings. Though the intellectual development of an individual is a continuous process of development that begins right from birth and goes through adulthood, a major part of this development is accomplished during the early years of childhood. Thus, we, at Gurukul Crossings, believe that it is of utmost importance to know and understand the various approaches that can be taken to support this cognitive growth of children during their developmental years.

We believe that it is also crucial to mention in this regard that intellectual development is an all encompassed process that involves stimulating and improving the areas of concentration, memory, attention, and perception. There are several simple ways to develop all the aforementioned areas, and on that note, we would like to bring forth a few effective suggestions to support intellectual development in kids.

Engage the kids in a variety of games

Building up problem-solving skills during the formative years of the children can be highly useful for their lifetime, and aid in the enhancement of the intellectual development of the kids. To support the intellectual development of kids, you should encourage the kids to play more of brain games, board games, and puzzles. Let them come with new and improved ideas, and listen to them patiently as they solve the hurdles that they face in the games.

Work upon improving the attention span of kids

Increasing the attention span can play a crucial role in the cognitive development of the kids. The extent of attention that the children pay on a task depends on whether or not they are enjoying it. When kids are engaged only in repetitive, structured, and solely academic tasks like reading and writing, it prevents their abilities to think out of the box and offer enough stimulation to their minds. Thus, the tasks offered to the children need to be interesting enough for them to pay adequate attention to it.

Help to improve the memory skills of kids

Memory is a complex procedure, and there are a number of strategies that can be employed for enhancing the ability of the kids to recall information. It can start with teaching them to remember the sequence of letters of different words, names of animals with their unique attributes, and so on, during their early years, and go on to getting them involved in memory games and the likes as they advance in age.

Take the kids to interesting places

Taking children to that local library, the nearest children’s museum or the farmer’s market can turn out to be really effective for their overall intellectual development. These small trips are more than the ways to break the monotony of routine life. These places, in fact, offer a way to stimulate the curiosity of the young ones and provide them with ample of experiential learning opportunities. Let your kids ask you questions as they explore the places, and never step back from listening to their responses and reactions to all the new and different things that unfold before their eyes.

Ensure they exercise every single day

The benefits associated with exercising do not pertain only to long term physical wellness but also extend to intellectual and cognitive development. Research has shown that exercising from an early age helps in boosting those chemicals in the brain that prevents the degeneration of areas of the brain that are closely related to learning and memory. Besides, exercises like meditation help in improving focus and concentration among the young ones, which is an essential aspect of ensuring their intellectual development.

We, at Gurukul The School, as one of the leading CBSE schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, are firm believers of the fact that childhood is the phase when the actual identity of an individual takes shape. As such, instilling the kids with the best practices, ethics, and skills is imperative to aid in their overall development and growth. The ideas and suggestions discussed in this article above have all been tried and tested by us, and the improvement was shown by our students has very well proven the effectiveness of our methods.

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