How to Teach Kids the Right Way to Deal with Challenges


Challenges are part and parcel of life. Though nobody likes to get posed up with challenges, the fact is that challenges form a significant part of learning through experiences. Yes, we understand challenges look annoying and maybe upsetting as well. But those who know how to deal with the challenges that life throws along the path earn success in whatever endeavor they put their hands on.

So, no matter how much you, as parents, want to eliminate any sort of challenges in your little one’s life, you need to know that it is actually essential for them to face their own challenges and get over them. What’s your role as their parents and guides is to build their confidence and resilience to help them face the challenges! And when you begin doing that, instead of shielding them from any challenging situations, you prepare them to deal with the challenges in a healthy way.

So on that note, we, at Gurukul The School, a Top schools in ghaziabad , have brought for you a few effective ways to teach your kids the vital art of dealing with challenges in life. Read on.

Model appropriate behavior

More often than not, whenever kids face any challenging situations, their very first reaction is to look up to their parents for cues on how to manage the difficult scenario. Now, if you jump in straight away to solve their challenges for them, they will get a feeling that doing away with their challenges is your responsibility and not theirs. Likewise, if you lose your temper, become upset or angry over any challenging situation, you will unknowingly signal your children to behave the same way in difficult situations. It is hence very important to model the kind of behavior you wish to teach your children.

Help them lay focus on outcomes

If you want your kids to deal with the challenges in a positive way, it is important to teach them to shift their focus from the roadblocks that the challenges are putting up to the positive outcomes and learning opportunities that the challenges present to them. Use those challenges to motivate your kids to perform even better. This way, they will never fear attempting anything new or difficult, and this will help set their tone for higher successes ahead.

Normalize failures

Most children (and even adults) generally fear failures. However, the need is to understand that without failures, there remains no value of feats! Thus, don’t be harsh on your children if they fail to achieve something. Instead, teach them to see failures as the stepping stones to success. Once they get rid of their fear from failures, no challenge would be big enough to scare them away.

Tell examples of real-life heroes and their struggles

Children love listening to stories. Make use of it and tell them stories about real-life heroes who dealt with various challenges in their life and eventually rise up to the level where the entire world adore them.

At Gurukul The School, one of the Top schools in ghaziabad, we firmly believe in the saying, “We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.” How true is that! Challenges are like molds that help shape us well into strong, resilient individuals, having the potential to grow and succeed despite all the odds we face.

Hence, teach your kids that they should never fear or run away from embracing challenges in life. They should instead face them and get over them with their will and determination. Also, make sure to tell your kids that they always have your back and can ask for help if in case the obstacles don’t budge. When you prepare your kids to face the challenges instead of running from them, you set the path for instilling in them a growth mindset, which will come to their aid in every walk of life.

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