How to Teach the True Meaning of Success to Kids?


Success is a very subjective term. Often, people run behind success only to hit a dead end. One of the possible reasons for this is that people usually set unrealistic goals, achieving which is next to impossible. Thus, it is necessary to redefine the ambit of success. This especially holds true for children so as to help them start seeing success as an opportunity to grow instead of seeing it as a challenge that is hard to achieve. And just like teachers and schools, parents have a pivotal role to play in introducing the concept of success to children.

We, at Gurukul The School, one of the top schools in Ghaziabad, are doing our part by backing children to focus on the journey and enjoy every bit of it irrespective of the time it takes for them to reach their destination and kiss success. Today, in this article below, we would like to share with our respectable parent fraternity a few ways you can introduce the true meaning of success to your children. Read on.

  • Doing away with the hype:

There is a lot of hype associated with the concept of success. It is common for children to believe that if they are not succeeding, then they are failing. However, in the real world, this is far from true!

The need of the hour is for parents to push a different thought in the minds of children wherein children can understand that even if they are unable to succeed, it is completely alright because, in the process of it all, they are actually learning something extremely valuable. Do not skip to emphasize the importance of learning over success to your children as frequently as possible.

  • Becoming a better version of oneself:

Many a time, success is evaluated in comparison to some other person. For instance, your child may have scored 90/100 on a Math exam. However, your child’s classmate might have secured a 100/100.

Unknowingly, a different message is likely to be communicated to your child wherein he might think that someone surpassing his performance means he has not been successful. However, an appropriate understanding here would be to compare one’s own performance from where one stood yesterday so that success seems real and authentic.

  • Breaking down success into smaller milestones:

Your desire as a parent may be for your child to stand first in class. However, your child may have stood second, third, or even tenth in class. Here, we, at Gurukul The School, would like to assure you that despite what position the child is gaining in the class, your child is learning something new every day and consistently progressing in the right direction.

Our prime purpose here is to let you know that it is not always the end goal that’s marked as a success. Instead, every milestone, every single win, big or small, counts as success. So, no matter what, make it a point to celebrate your children’s big and small wins because that works as a strong motivator for them to put in more efforts and better their performances.

  • Knowing that success isn’t the end:

Who doesn’t like to succeed? Without a doubt, every single person craves success. Amidst all this, it is quite common for children to believe that success is the end. This is a limiting thought, which you, as their parents, need to revisit with your children.

Highlight to your children that as long as they are putting their best foot forward, they are on the right track. What is not okay is to expect success to walk their way without them putting any effort. Children need to be explained that failure and success are two sides of the same coin and should be equally embraced. After all, life is all about failing on some days and succeeding on the others. Isn’t it!

Once you take out the time to sit with your children and discuss the concept of success, you will realize that they are already holding a certain picture about success in their minds. A common picture would be that if they are not succeeding, they are wasting their time. You, as their parents, need to address this concern in a calm and sensitive manner to your children. At Gurukul The School, recognized among the top schools in Ghaziabad, we have made it a point to communicate the impact of learning and trying over and above kissing success time and again. We believe this is a great starting point to introduce children to the real meaning of success and thus request parental support and inclusion in teaching this valuable life lesson to the children.

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